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Manchester, U.K. – Adblurb is pleased to announce the imminent launch of a network that will change traditional marketing methods and revolutionize the advertising industry as it stands today. The system is based on Adblurb’s crypto currency, which will be used for electronically connected advertising transactions all over the world and provide benefits for advertisers and consumers alike.

Advertising serves a critical purpose by enabling businesses to compete with each other and get the attention of potential customers. Billions of dollars are put into advertising every year. But as all businesses know, the costs are enormous, and the results are often disappointing.  And part of the problem is that although the world has changed a great deal over the past few decades, advertising methods have more or less remained stuck in the past. 

Current advertising methods are inadequate in so many ways,” says Adblurb founder and CEO Luc Brunelle. “The fees are astronomical, there’s no security, no transparency, and the system is fraught with scams and frauds. Adblurb is going to provide solutions to all these problems and more. We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished here!” 

The network will use its own crypto currency, called the Adblurb coin (ADBL), which will be used to purchase goods and services from other users. Impressions and clicks will be exchanged for Adblurb currency. And the Adblurb smart-contract will make the system fast and easy to navigate, as it in effect provides a friendly gateway between advertiser and publisher. 

Adblurb is not simply an Ad marketplace, but also solves many problems for the Crowdfunding and Ecommerce industries. Adblurb is for people who just want to be part of Adblurb without being advertisers or publishers. For them, the Adblurb Microtask feature is available, and that is why Adblurb is going to be very famous.

Benefits to Advertisers

With the current system, merchants are required to pay a middleman for their advertising needs. This means that they are required to pay an average of 55% more, just for the privilege of using a middleman. Adblurb doesn’t use middlemen, so merchants will be able to count on a system that’s far more cost-effective. 

Another advantage is that the Adblurb network is decentralized, allowing merchants to be able to trust the affiliates and the affiliate networks they work with. The use of blockchain technology means that fraud is practically impossible. 

Adblurb is likely to become particularly popular with small businesses due to cost and ease of use. As Brunelle points out, the system will allow people “to trade and do business with trust in a trustless world.”

Benefits for Affiliates and Affiliate Networks

Conventional marketing platforms are not affiliate-friendly. Delayed payouts will be a thing of the past with Adblurb. With complete transparency and its own crypto currency, Adblurb will guarantee instant payouts whenever needed. 

Affiliate networks will appreciate the fact that Adblurb will be free to join and there will be no entry restriction.

The Adblurb Ad Marketplace

 In Adblurb, advertisers and publishers work with the smart contract. With the smart contact feature many current marketplace issues will not be part of the Adblurb process. This will make Adblurb very appealing to the advertising industry.

Crowdfunding using Adblurb 

The ready-to-deploy smart contract is suitable for different charities to raise or crowdfund for their specialized subject. The crowdfunding solution will be very helpful to perform the process of raising funds for whatever reason. However, strict and versatile verification will be put in place for this option, as demand is getting higher and will only continue to increase. 


Adblurb is not only an advertising platform, but also a marketplace where one can buy or sell goods and services. Adblurb will produce different mechanisms and prototype smart contracts to allow users to list one or many products or services that can be seen by everyone in the Adblurb network. These can be purchased with Adblurb Coin or fiat currencies or even with the Adblurb Visa Card.

The Adblurb marketplace will use Escrow, by which buyer and seller can decide whether they want to remain anonymous or want to open their profiles. If someone purchases any goods or services from the Marketplace, the Marketplace will hold the funds from the purchaser in a multi-sign wallet and once the product or service has been performed and provided to the buyer in a predetermined timeframe, then the funds will be allocated to the Seller’s wallet. The buyer can then rate the service and give reviews about the seller, allowing other potential purchasers to make decisions based on that user’s ranking and reviews.


Adblurb is an application for everyone, so anyone can be the advertiser, publisher or affiliate. If a user wants to join the Adblurb network, in order to generate passive income, without being part of an ad campaign or review process, they can simply join the microtasks team, where users get paid for every small job they complete.

Examples of Microtasks are as follows:

• Adsurfing

• Any verification job Adblurb requests

• Surveys and reviews

• Playing video games

• Watching videos

• Writing articles or similar jobs that require a certain skill.

Adblurb is for everyone, owned by everyone and most importantly loved by everyone. We are inviting everyone to take advantage of the Initial Coin Offering,” says Brunelle. “We’re changing history here – so why not be a part of that?

For more detailed information, Adblurb’s Whitepaper is available here: https://adblurb.io/docs/Adblurb_whitepaper_en.pdf

The presale begins on March 1st, 2018.  Find out more about the Adblurb project by visiting the website at https://adblurb.io/

Contact name: Luc Brunelle
Email address - contact@adblurb.io

Date Updated: May. 01, 2019 05:49 PM UTC+8 PHT

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