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14 May 2018 - Paris: FlipNpik, the first collaborative social media tailored for local businesses, is launching its ICO. The company is aiming to raise 100,000 ETH in order to develop and commercialize its 360° Ecosystem all around the world.

The private token sale is already ongoing.

Create & share value within the Ecosystem

 FlipNpik's collaborative Ecosystem creates a symbiotic relationship that benefits all participants by bringing users, businesses and service providers together. Local shops benefit from increased visibility, consumers can find special offers and win real rewards in return for their positive actions, while ambassadors partners can participate actively in the promotion of their favorite business and be remunerated by merchants. The social contribution of FlipNpik users to local communities enhances the neighborhood’s quality of life.

“We are offering a concrete and viable solution for consumers and merchants to boost local consumption around the world, which must be a major concern to keep our quality of life within our neighborhood. I am really confident in the Ecosystem we have developed with our team”, said FlipNpik CEO, Henri Harland. “FlipNpik is one of the most exciting projects of my career”, 

he added.

An ICO on Stellar

The FlipNpik token (FNP) will be issued on the Stellar Blockchain, allowing fast transactions, low fees, security and scalability. Henri Harland declared: "The Blockchain opportunity makes FlipNpik an ambitious and realistic project at the same time, which will experience strong growth and adoption. It was important to me to conceive with the FlipNpik team a system based on a collaborative approach where the value is equitably shared… and we did it."

"FlipNpik is the perfect example of how a social media platform can use the blockchain to encourage and reward collaboration between all actors of the Ecosystem. Integration with the blockchain will allow FlipNpik to get ahead of the competition and put at our disposal the tools necessary to revolutionize the way small businesses do marketing, and to allow neighborhood shops to win back their place at the heart of the local economy",

 added Serge Helou, FlipNpik CTO.

Worldwide market 

FlipNpik is not another project coming out of nowhere: the application, already available on iOS and Android, allows users to discover the charms and secrets of their favorite merchants. This encouraging success and proof-of-concept gave rise to a collaboration with a new FlipNpik Worldwide organization in Europe to launch an ICO.

"While small businesses struggle to gain visibility and stand out from the competition of big chains, FlipNpik comes with an original solution whose business model is unprecedented. After a successful test conducted by FlipNpik North America in Montreal, FlipNpik worldwide have already begun introducing the application in Europe and building partnerships to accelerate the commercial deployment of the project while the ICO is moving forward »

confirmed Richard Marganne, FlipNpik Worldwide President.

FlipNpik is rolling out in France and Switzerland before its international launch in other European cities. Agreements are currently being negotiated with European start-ups to develop user and merchant base. The rollout will employ advanced grassroots promotional methodologies, with the aim of impacting one neighborhood at a time. A successful rollout in one neighborhood will spur subsequent interest in nearby neighborhoods and business communities as FlipNpik is positioned to grow organically from the ground up.

Top ICO advisors

The FlipNpik Ecosystem have convincingly garnered the attention of top advisors and companies for collaboration opportunities: 6 of the top 10 ICObench experts endorsed the FlipNpik ICO. FlipNpik’s team also distinguish themselves from other start-ups through their expertise in technology development, business development, public funding and value creation. In addition, the successful entrepreneurial courses that its leaders have led, as well as their achievements, ensure an effective implementation of a growth strategy and geographic expansion.

FlipNpik core team will be present in different events in Europe this week to meet investors and institutions :

May 16- 17 - Monaco: FlipNpik team will pitch its project at the Monaco International Blockchain;
May 18 - Kiev: FlipNpik will be present at Next Block, one of the most comprehensive Blockchain conferences;
May 19-20 - Moscow: FlipNpik will be part of the World ICO Show, where selected ICOs to meet qualified investors.

Contact information:
Henri Harland, CEO
Skype: Henrij.h22

Ouissem Gombra, Community manager

Clara Florey, DisPRuptive PR
+44 (0)7943 774236 

Date Updated: May. 17, 2018 09:24 PM UTC+8 PHT

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