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13 June 2018 – After its successful public crowdsale, the Eligma startup continues to follow its roadmap, consisting of contemporary commerce solutions. One of them is Elipay, a transaction system that will enable payments with cryptocurrencies in daily shopping. Elipay started being tested on 11 June 2018 at BTC City, a leading European shopping and business centre. Renowned for its openness to advanced commerce trends and business models, the BTC company partnered with Eligma to implement Eligma’s vision of Bitcoin City ? a commercial and business environment based on blockchain technology and other major innovations. The turnout at the special evening organized for Elipay testers on 7 June 2018, where they were able to launch the Elipay payment application for the first time, exceeded the expectations of the Eligma team, and so did the interest of stores and service providers in this payment option. By the end of the year, Elipay is to be implemented elsewhere in Slovenia, with the European and global markets to follow in the future – along with Eligma’s global commerce platform based on blockchain and AI. Eligma’s commerce solutions aim to make shopping safe and transparent, saving the consumer as much time and money as possible.

Delighted crypto enthusiasts

For testing the Elipay mobile application, which enables shoppers to pay with cryptocurrencies, published a call for testing volunteers and met with such a good response that the volunteers had to be randomly selected. On 7 June 2018, the testers were invited to a special event, where they activated the Elipay mobile app on their phones and used it right away. For this occasion, the Eligma company transferred special ELI VIP tokens onto their applications to purchase drinks and try out the transfer to other application users. There were 233 transactions performed altogether. Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic, whose presentation was followed via a Facebook streaming by Eligma supporters worldwide, stated:

“A great public response to our call for testing shows the technological advancement of Slovenia. Our crypto community is quite large, and crypto enthusiasts both here and worldwide feel that it is high time to use cryptocurrencies in our daily lives. The aim of Eligma is that, in the future, every consumer would be able to benefit from the advantages of the latest technologies that cryptocurrencies are based on.”

Eligma’s technologies spark commercial interest

The testing of the Elipay application with 150 testers started on 11 June 2018 at the BTC City shopping centre and will take three months. In partnership with Eligma, BTC City functions as Eligma’s ‘testing lab’. By implementing the latest technologies and trends into business concepts, the partnership between Eligma and BTC City strives to create Bitcoin City – the first shopping and business ecosystem based on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other high-tech innovations. At the beginning of the testing, purchases with cryptocurrencies (currently bitcoin and bitcoin cash, with several other cryptocurrencies and tokens to follow) will be possible at 24 BTC City stores and service providers. This number, however, is expected to increase. As stated by Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic: “The interest of stores and service providers in offering such payment solutions is clearly on the rise. It also needs to be pointed out that Eligma has partnered with the MAOP and Elektroncek POS providers, covering a few thousand locations.”

Ample goals till the end of the year

Eligma plans to further the presence of Elipay in Slovenia till the end of 2018 and present it at the international market afterward. This will be accompanied by the development of the Eligma commerce platform, based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in order to enable quick, safe and transparent online shopping. Stated on Eligma’s roadmap 'till the end of 2018 is to develop and present the beta version of the platform’s smart discovery function. Its fast and precise online searches not only aim to save consumers money but also their time spent in the shopping process.


For all media inquiries and more information about Eligma’s development process, please contact media@eligma.com

Date Updated: Apr. 10, 2019 12:29 AM UTC+8 PHT

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