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April 18, 2018 – Eligma, a young Slovenian company dedicated to blockchain-based and AI-driven commerce, achieved a milestone on its roadmap towards developing a smart e-commerce platform set to revolutionize the contemporary shopping concept. Today, its Elipay system for making payments in several cryptocurrencies was officially launched at BTC City, a major Central European shopping, business, and innovation center. Eligma is now looking for test audiences to try out the system for several months at selected BTC City stores, with many more venues to join before the Eligma platform embarks on a global commerce conquest. On 17 April, Eligma started a crowdsale of its tokens, where the price of ETH is locked at 800$. Its founders are namely certain that the volatility of the current exchange will soon be offset by the fact that the crypto and offline worlds are merging into one. Their project is a big step in this direction. 

Crypto essential for competitive commerce

The mission of the Eligma start-up is to bring the highlights of AI and blockchain technology into the mainstream through a number of e-commerce solutions. One of them is the Elipay system for cryptocurrency payments at offline stores, accessible with a mobile phone app. Today, Elipay became an official part of the mall shopping experience at the Slovenian BTC City retail and business center with 21 million customers a year. The first offline purchase with cryptocurrency took place at BTC City’s Atlantis waterpark complex. It was made in Bitcoin by Joze Mermal, President of BTC d.d. Management Board. A seasoned manager with three decades of experience, Mermal stated: 

“At the BTC company, we have always understood the need for adapting our business strategies to the needs and wishes of our visitors, consumers and business partners and thus implementing the latest technologies and smart solutions. The concept of BTC has progressed from BTC City, one of Europe’s strongest shopping and business complexes, to adding an innovative dimension with ABC Accelerator as a start-up hub, and now to Bitcoin City. Bitcoin City is our answer to the trends that we anticipate in future generations and represents a powerful synergy of knowledge and smart technologies. We are convinced that our partnership with Eligma can give rise to one of the strongest blockchain platforms in Europe.”


Elipay, a crypto payment system for offline shops

Elipay enables deposits, transfers, and payments with cryptocurrencies – for now in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, with more to be added when the testing yields the first results. Eligma has published a call for participation in Elipay testing at www.elipay.com. Anyone over 18 and owning a smartphone can fill in a form and apply to start performing real-life cryptocurrency transactions at BTC City stores. Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic stated: 

“Eligma has reached a historic moment that gave the technological advantages of the crypto world the recognition they indeed deserve and merged the worlds of online and offline shopping into one. Now, we would like to give Eligma supporters and crypto future embracers a chance to be the first to try out Elipay.”

 The use of Elipay will initially be enabled in selected BTC City stores including a restaurant, several sportswear shops, an accessory boutique and the biggest electronics and white goods store in Slovenia, with many more to join. Towards the end of the year, BTC retailers will be combined into a unified loyalty program that will also enable its users to earn and redeem Eligma’s ELI tokens at BTC City stores. This will make BTC City the first Bitcoin City in the world.  Dejan Roljic says:

“Bitcoin City will be an excellent opportunity to attract highly diverse buyers looking to use alternative currencies in their daily lives. At Eligma, we have ambitious plans to integrate various currencies and tokens into our platform in order to transform the present and future of commerce as we know it.”

Matej Gregorcic, co-founder of Eligma and founder of the Eligma company, said: "The first payment with a cryptocurrency in the offline world represents a major step towards the pluralism of consumer choices and payment methods. I would like to emphasize that VIB, the Viberate project token, will soon be integrated into the Eligma platform. This means that purchases in Bitcoin City will soon be possible with VIB as well."

Firm belief into crypto future

The Eligma project is now having a token crowdsale, with the ETH price locked at 800 $. Due to the volatility of the current cryptocurrency market, the Eligma team has decided to take part of the risk upon themselves and offset against the potential loss that their early contributors could suffer, firmly believing in the success of their project as well as the longevity of crypto world in general.

To learn more about the AI-driven blockchain platform that is about to transform online and offline shopping, visit www.eligma.io.


For all media inquiries and more information about Eligma’s development process, please contact Sara Draskovic at media@eligma.com.

Date Updated: Apr. 22, 2018 11:39 AM UTC+8 PHT

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