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5 September 2018 – Founded by technology enthusiasts and supported by an eminent advisor pool, the Eligma company is dedicated to changing the world of commerce as we know it. After the success of their public crowd-sale in May, which raised over 10 million USD despite market uncertainties, the company is launching several of its solutions. One of them literally said hello to the world today: Elly, an AI assistant who helps shoppers find products according to their exact specifications but is also on a lookout for something better for the same or less money like any good advisor or friend. As an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Elly is currently in training but promises to learn very fast through user interaction. Another Eligma’s product, however, aims to operate as a bridge between the mainly online crypto world and daily shopping. Elipay is a solution for paying with cryptocurrencies at online and offline stores. It is currently being tested at nearly 60 stores and will be publicly available on 12 September, with numerous innovations still to follow.

Optimized shopping with AI

The main goal of Eligma is to optimize the process of buying and selling with the latest technological developments such as AI and blockchain. One of the biggest challenges of the average consumer is to browse through the overwhelming online offer to find the best deal for the item they are looking for, or decide what to buy if they do not know much about the product. For this reason, Eligma launched an MVP in the form of Elly, an AI shopping assistant trained to help you shop. At this opportunity, Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic stated: 

“Today’s world offers amazing technologies, also in the field of commerce. Rather than resulting in a flood of product offer, they should be applied to help users shop faster and more effectively. Eligma is starting on that path with its MVP. Our aim is to develop Elly, our shopping assistant chatbot, into a highly useful tool with detailed product knowledge and a personalized approach. Elly is training intensely – not only to suggest the best deal, but also to make price-to-quality recommendations by getting to know the user and learning what product features they find the most important.”

Current MVP characteristics and future prospects

Current MVP features:

  • original chatbot framework, innovative product discovery research and algorithms
  • it is available in desktop and mobile versions and has voice recognition
  • like a real sales assistant, Elly is trained on product characteristics, at this MVP stage in one
  • product category − mobile phones
  • Elly can remember interactions with the user for future reference and personalized shopping.

Future prospects:

  •  more product categories to be added till the end of the year
  •  the memorization of the chat with a user will result in detailed knowledge on the user’s preferences and effective recommendations across a variety of product categories
  • user interaction and data will be used for constant improvements, which will make Elly increasingly ‘smarter’ as time goes by.

Other innovation highlights to follow

Apart from effective product discovery, Eligma, a member of Blockchain Alliance Europe, also aims to further the use of cryptocurrencies in daily life. On 12 September, the team is launching Elipay, a mobile application for paying with cryptocurrencies at offline and online stores – initially in Slovenia, with the international market to follow soon. Currently tested at nearly 60 stores in BTC City – one of the biggest Central European shopping and business centers changing into world’s first Bitcoin CityTM, implementing the use of the latest technologies to create the next-generation consumer experience. Eligma has also developed its own native crypto token – ELI, which will be at the core of its commerce solutions and is currently listed on BitForex, Livecoin, Bancor, Tokens and Coinbe.

The ELI token, the Elly chatbot and Elipay will ultimately form a part of the Eligma platform, a one-stop place where people will not only be able to easily discover items, but also track the inventory of their belongings and their prices by means of AI, which will also suggest the best time to sell them. CEO DejanRoljic says: 

“Unidirectional commerce is one of the biggest problems of our times. Eligma’s aim is to offer innovative solutions where people can easily buy and sell things from the comfort of their homes. In this, every household can have an opportunity to make extra income in the current economic situation and not only save money, but also the most precious possession people have – their time.”

About Eligma

Eligma is set to change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online. With its unique features, it will offer users a ‘one-place’ platform to shop at all online stores anywhere in the world, check the value of the items in their inventory, and learn the best time to sell them. Eligma will offer users a decentralized universal loyalty program and help transform every household into a business. It also aims to bring cryptocurrencies mainstream through Elipay, a system enabling crypto transactions at online and offline stores even if those stores don't accept cryptocurrencies yet.

Date Updated: Oct. 24, 2018 01:36 PM UTC+8 PHT

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