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You can submit your Press Release to us which you have written and we will publish it to our site with our service and by submiting PR to us you should agree with:
  • Press should have minimum of 500 words.
  • Bl4nkcode have the rights to edit the article.
  • An image with 800*420 in size.
  • Press will be posted 24-48 hours or the date/time you set.
  • We reserves the right to refuse your press release and refund you.
Our press release service includes:
  • Backlinking with maximum of three links.
  • Featured on the front page of Bl4nkcode.
  • The press will be promoted to our social media accounts.
  • Permanent publication.
We charge 60 USD for the Press Release. You can pay with BTC and ETH only. Please email us the .doc file or google docs file of the press.
Please use this email.

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