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Urbit Data is creating the biggest online real estate platform, and everybody is talking about this ambitious and promising Project. There are many expectations with its launch, scheduled for June 14th.

Urbit Data is very clear about its objectives. Urbit’s team has been working for more than a year to achieve these goals:

  • Improve the access to international properties around the globe, all in the same platform

  • Implementing the Urbit Data smart contract, all property purchases, rentals, and sales will be easily managed in a more transparent and efficient way. 

  • The existing Urbit Data price valuation tool offers a more real and equitable price through comparison of several real estate data sources. 

  • Increase in speed, efficiency, and reliability using the Urbit Data software, avoiding the unnecessary generation of documentation. 

  • Reduction of transaction time, making them cheaper and safer. 

  • The Urbit Data users will be able to download the Big Data software of the company that feeds the Urbit Data database for the properties listed. As a reward, the users will receive Urbit Data Coins.

Urbit Data has already developed the Urbit’s Price Valuation Tool: an online platform which gathers publicly available real estate data from various real estate portals, public registries, and other sources. By combining all this data, it is possible to get an estimation for similar objects in their vicinity and thus providing transparency in an opaque market.

With this powerful tool, the users can get information about sale and rent prices, comparisons between properties, Price change history, points of interest close to a requested property, etc…

Another of the most outstanding aspects of the Project is about the Rewards system for the users. It’s simple: Urbit Data pays you! Yes, the users will be able to download the Urbit’s Big Data Software. They will receive Urbit Coins using this software that feeds the Urbit’s international properties database.

The real estate industry is massive: the total value of all developed real estate on the globe reached USD $217 Trillion. And Urbit Data is going to be a big player in this enormous market. They have created solid and strong solutions to improve the current situation.

The Urbit Data project is different than the others for several reasons: 

  • Urbit Data brings a mix solutions for all the key points mentioned above: real solutions for the users.

  • Urbit Data implements a Global Big Data software (user can download for free). No one else in the real estate market offers rewards for using this company’s app, which can be used on a computer or from a mobile phone.

  • Urbit Data don’t dismiss any service that provides a full real estate solution for the clients. 

  • Urbit Data implements the Price Valuation tool (for free). A similar platform was bought by International Bank for $10 Million, and this platform did not have the Urbit’s technological improvements: Blockchain, Global Big Data, Rewards for users and cryptocurrencies.

  • Urbit Data has started his launch having a Beta version in Live, in operation for the Spanish real estate market. It is not simply an idea. It is already a reality!

Urbit Data is one of the most commented ICO projects. It has already attracted interest from investors, institutions, and individuals. The Urbit’s Pre-sale will start on June 14th, with great discounts for early adopters.

More information, visit: https://urbitdata.io
White Paper: https://urbitdata.io/#nav-whitepaper

Media contact:
Urbit Data
Attn: Media Relations
Madrid, Spain

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