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The Best Solution to Diversify in the Cryptomarket

Published: March 1, 2018
The Best Solution to Diversify in the Cryptomarket | Bl4kncode The Best Solution to Diversify in the Cryptomarket

Banca, the wall street of Blockchain, is a cryptocurrency investment bank based on big data and AI. Are you an entrepreneur willing to diversify your portfolio? You are an investor looking for a new viable investment opportunity. Then, try Banca ICO. Since, it's safe and the return on your investment is guaranteed.

Banca is an investment bank community. And many people haven't heard about it. It uses giant data to prepare and monitor the investment bank community. Banca uses Artificial Intelligence technologies that enable high efficiency and openness in its ecosystem. 

The Banca investment is based on blockchain technology. Its dynamic features lie in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the use of the expert system to achieve dynamic Banca eco-chain and the automatic management. As a participant, Banca achieves your specific needs with great accuracy.

A little from Banca's History

In 2008, a global financial crisis struck and affected the U.S. The result left many businesses and investments struggling. Many investors turned their attention off investment banks. They believe that investment banks, which cannot fail, are aimed at achieving unilateral interests. And that they were misguided by investors into investing too much amount in real estate-related assets. Taxpayers and investors are the victims who paid the bill for the bank's greed, they believe.

This leads investors to divert their investment to independent asset management organizations, an attempt that makes Banca create a new concept in investment banking.

After this event and analysing the solutions and opportunities, Banca introduced the idea of the community investment bank. The purpose is to eliminate the issues and disagreement in the traditional investment bank. Also, Banca wants to carry out an important role in the new business model of the investment bank.

As an investor with Banca, you get:

 • Accuracy in executing your specific needs

 • Events to make Banca start running has commenced and will run through 2018.

 • Before the end of 2019, Banca would have become a big community that will attract investors and business.

So you get the best chances of joining early. The earlier birds get the best chance before the audience grow and everyone is vying to join a big community. As an early investor, you are eligible for 12% of Banca's financial distribution.

You too can make the smart move while the time is ripe. Do not miss out on Banca ICO. An investment that has a viable future.

This is how the financial distribution will look like:

 • 35% ICO

 • 17% R&D and co-developers

 • 12% Early investors

 • 18% Marketing and operation 

 • 18% Team

 Banca has plans for you as an early investor.

Do you have questions?

To contact Banca, you can visit the bank's website at Or you can forward your questions to Either way, you will get the information you seek promptly.

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