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Believe it or not but we all are fascinated by all the paparazzi that we watch every day. The lifestyle of our favourite celebrities impacts us. We do care about what they eat, how they think, their relationships, their little things and so on. Fans are a crucial factor in success of celebrities especially in visual arts. Talking about, films, music and media industry, their success completely depend upon the lies of the audience. Apart from entertainment, however, there is nothing much for fans to get benefit out of. But, with the rise of Blockchain Technology, now it has become possible,

  1. To create your own celebrities
  2. To be a celebrity
  3. To get benefit out of income generated by your favourite celebrity

SelfSell provides a platform to invest directly in people. On this platform aspiring actors, models, dancers, singers, painters, graphic designers etc. can list them and generate self-coin offering if they get enough votes. This is why; it becomes an online store where you are putting your investment in celebrities. Usually in an online store, for instance in an online apparel store what happens is, you see various options of a particular category and you buy the one which you like the most. 

Similarly, on SelfSell, you come across various talented individuals. You can choose the person you think would be creating a value in future that is by becoming a celebrity and earning revenues. You can vote for them and highest voted individuals get to offer coin under self-name and generate resources to progress.  Then you just need to put your investment and Hola! You become a celebrity investor. You can also diversify as you can invest in as many people as you want. This is a platform based upon Human Capital Development and hence brings essence of investment closer. 

This not just raises your entertainment quotient but also provides you with the benefit out of the income generated by the celebrity you had put your funds into. You get to earn money to watch what you like; who you like. Also, in an online store, you usually get the opportunity to change the product if you don’t like it; the same thing is applicable on SelfSell too. You can just move your funds to others’ if you feel they are more worthy. 

The existing celebrities can also list themselves on SelfSell to generate more funds if they wish to. This platform is open to all kinds of talents. Start-up Owners, Innovators, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Athletes, Stand-up Comedians, Cartoonists or anybody in the world feel that they will be creating value and would join the list of celebrities can list them. It acts as a bank which gives you crypto funds without any collateral but on the basis of your expected future value generation. 

So no matter if you want to be a celebrity, or want to make one out of your knowns, this is just right platform to understand their lives and struggles. After all, you are part of their making now. 

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Sponsored Link: Binance Blockchain and Crypto Asset Exchange - Join now!

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