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In the technology sector where the lack of talent supply is more than 40% and in the fintech and Blockchain industry where more than 70% of the employers are having trouble filling the positions, this creates the opportunity for $600 Billion in HR market in 2017. Devnetwork is blockchain platform on ERC-20 that will revolutionize HR and bring more talents to the industries with a long-term sustainable solution to mitigate the problem of tech ecosystem.

Main features of  Devnetwork

Devnetwork ( has tools to create talents hub and analyst for talent‘s profile and also tools for technology companies to hiring and outsourcing the project. Devnetwork works as the blockchain platform for Human Resource Management to be used as a secure form of payment for the hiring of salarymen, freelancers, and value-added products. Devnetwork will create escrow and smart contract and receive platform fee from stakeholder and company’s activities in the platform, for example, job searching, job post for companies, premium Artificial Intelligence for the suggestion on hiring talents, and more ecosystem features like community and event system.

Devnetwork teams and advisors

Devnetwork’s core team consists of Thais and some international advisor who experienced working at Unicorn startup in Bay Area. Devnetwork is now released platform called Devcamp ( and will implement Devnetwork blockchain in Q2 this year after the ICO. Currently, they gain some partnership with blockchain community and Thai’s partnership and companies and they will later increase the partnerships to target the global community as well. They aim to target 100 Million user base within 2020 and be one of the rivals of LinkedIn. Devnetwork can also adapt to the new market like hospitality, entertainment and more.

From the flowchart: If a company want to hire an iOS Developer. Usually, they will hire via headhunter or post the request on job searching websites. In Devnetwork, HR can post a job on the platform and AI-based suggestion system will recommend the suitable applicant. The interesting part is the time when there is a person referred the applicant. After that applicant got hired, the system will pay the referrer using the smart contract immediately. The token holder gets 30% of the fee that will send out monthly as a Community Grant.

Devnetwork’s three years roadmap will include plans to launch their Devnetwork blockchain on Q2 and Community Grant on Q4 2018. The interesting part in Devnetwork, as Thai ICO that aims at a global scale with multiple partnerships. Moreover, Devnetwork planned to establish a blockchain lab in Thailand. Grant Fund from 8.1% of the ICO budget will be created to build the assets within the project. Also, this grant fund will promote the use of the fund for third-world country based technology companies and promote the developer events such as Ethereum Devcon.

Devcamp launched product to the market since 2017

DEV Token

  • Hard Cap : $ 30M ( Presales $ 10 M )
  • Soft Cap : $ 3M
  • ICO Tier 1: Feb 16-28, 1 DEV = $0.1215 (12% Bonus)
  • ICO Tier 2: Mar, 1-15 DEV = $0.1294 (5.4% Bonus)
  • ICO Tier 3: Mar  16-30, 1 DEV = $0.1364 (0% Bonus)
  • Due to price fluctuations in the crypto market, the token price is based on USD.
  • Exact prices in ETH, BTC, LTC, XLM will be announced on the first day of each tier and stay constant for the entire period the tier.
  • Unsold token will be burnt
  • Jurisdiction: Thailand
  • Total circulation: 400M DEV
  • ICO budget: $30M (60% of 400M DEV)
  • ICO duration: 16 FEB - 30 MAR 2018
  • Type: Utility
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Token for the team will be locked for 1 year vesting period
  • Proof: KYC / AML / Regulatory comply

Join the hub


Devnetwork launch event in Bangkok

Contact Information

Company: Tangent A Co., Ltd.
PR & contact: Mr. Wittaya Assawasathain
Tel.: +66816511172

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