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With the advent of YouTube, Vimeo and many other similar sites, online video consumption has risen exponentially. Videos have proven to be exemplary sources of entertainment and information. The information when perfectly presented with engaging visuals, prompt higher impact on the perception of the receiver. Viewers tend to retain the information for long; probably for lifetime. In America alone, the number of people who predominantly rely on video streaming for entertainment and as a source of information is expected to exceed 232 million in the next few years.

One more revolution in progress is the Blockchain Technology. It is central to the ever expanding crypto world, creating numerous opportunities for the industries and reshaping businesses in a way which has never been anticipated. In the midst of this, BuzzShow is a new prolific ICO, which has tapped the opportunity of combining blockchain technology with social media. It is a fully developed reward-based social media video network that rewards the users with BuzzShow tokens (Goldies) for creating, curating, sharing & viewing videos.Based on the decentralized ledger system, the community of content creators, curators and consumers get to decide among themselves that what values are appropriate to each others’ services, without a central party standing to take majority of the profit. Therefore, it advances opportunity for all users to get economic rewards every time they register, view, upload, recommend or share a video.

Content and its creation are pivotal drivers of the online video industry. The creators of the videos require a platform where they can expand their audience base. In present times, large corporations own most of such platforms. As most of these organizations are centralized, they restrict the desired freedom of expression. Apart from that, these organisations do not share much of the profits with actual creators of the contents. This explains why companies like YouTube have sustained growth while the earnings of content creators have been on the decline. Additionally, another form of censorship results in some videos being lowered in rank in the search algorithm. This limits the audience that a content creator can attract. BuzzShow prevents corporations from limiting the creative freedom of video content creators. As long as the content does not border on hate speech or infringe the rights of others, content creators are free to share their ideas.

BuzzShow provides content creators the ability to remain anonymous by way of desired pseudonyms in case they want to keep their identities private and lead a normal life. It also prevents copyright infringement which further enforces desire to create original contents.Apart from content creators, curators are also important because they share and distribute content to their audiences. Most platforms do not reward video curators for their efforts to share information with others, but BuzzShow does just that.

Another key feature of the BuzzShow platform is that it is not susceptible to any DOS  or ransomware attacks because the videos will be held in multiple systems. BuzzShow is not susceptible to any DOS or ransomware attacks because the videos will be held in multiple systems. The benefit is that it is faster, more open and safer than the centralized database reliant methods of video streaming. Given its benefits, it is understood that it has a lot of potential to change the way videos are shared among the masses. It is no bragging, if it is regarded as the future of social networking.

Cereal Banner - Bl4nkcode
Cereal Banner - Bl4nkcode

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