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Breaking: Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Under $4,000, Bottom Calls Ramp Up

After days of stagnating at the $4,200 price level, on Saturday afternoon (EST), Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly fell under $4,000, a highly-touted level of support for the cryptosphere’s foremost asset...

$4.6K: Bitcoin’s Price Revival Has a New Target

Bitcoin’s (BTC) stalled recovery rally could kick off again if prices manage to beat new resistance above $4,600...

Bitcoin Drops due to Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork — Crypto Civil War in Full Swing

For the first time of the year, Bitcoin drops more than 7 percent last Wednesday after long stable months. • The digital currency plunge to $5, 640, hitting the lowest price record of the year according to Coindesk price data.

Square’s Bitcoin Revenue Increases by $6 Million in Q3, Profits Top $500,000

U.S. financial services company Square revealed it generated $43 million in Bitcoin (BTC) revenue for Q3 2018 in its most recent shareholder letter Nov. 8.

Bitcoin Is ‘Anything but Useful’ Says Ex-Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen

Bitcoin is “anything but” a useful store of value, former U.S. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen stated in a speech Monday, Canadian financial news outlet Kitco reported Oct. 29...


Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism recently held a panel examining blockchain’s role in the journalism world.

Cryptonity ICO Review: A Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Cryptonity ICO review from ICOshock. The name Cryptonity is coined from Crypto and community. According to the team, the project aims at giving ...

There's Money Still to Win in the 310 Bitcoin Challenge
Over a million dollars'-worth of bitcoin was hidden in a picture – and there's still some left to be found. Called the 310 BTC Bitcoin Challenge, a...
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