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Ledger Nano X Banner - Bl4nkcode
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Bitcoin and ETH Escrow Service of Bl4nkcode

I'm doing escrow service on Bitcointalk.org and have too many different transactions including >1 Bitcoin.
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This is bl4nkcode, Co-founder of Bl4nkcode.info, and a trusted Escrow agent in Bitcointalk.org transacted millions of dollars, you can view my ANN thread here bit.ly/bl4nk-escrow for proofs and below to those fund I held in my escrow wallet. I used Ledger Nano S and I can assure that any funds I hold is safe from hackers.

Don't be fooled by impersonators, always ask a signed message from my wallet address used in bitcointalk or ask a signed PGP, you can see my keybase.io account as @bl4nkcode01
Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.77
Comment: https://keybase.io/crypto


You should always ask a signed message from me with the current date if you want to use my escrow service from the address in my bitcointalk profile, or ask a signed PGP message to prevent from impersonators and scammers.

Who are you?

I'm bL4nkcode, one of the trusted member of the Philippines local board in Bitcointalk and one of the trusted escrow in the Bitcointalk forum, And already made more than $2 million worth bitcoin, altcoins and tokens of escrow transactions.

What kind of escrow services you offer?

  • Physical Trades
  • Digital Trades
  • Signature and Bounty campaign
  • Any other legal transactions

Service Fee

For individual transactions, I will charge for transaction fee between 0.0003 - 0.001 BTC or depend on the condition of the network for the recommended tx fee. I offer my escrow service for 1% - 2% (0.002 BTC minimum) yet the number of weeks holding the funds may vary.


Remember that I never use emails in any escrow transaction.
Telegram: @bL4nkcode
Bitcointalk: PM me.

How to start with my service?

Fill this format below and send it to me in the above contact details.
  Buyer: [profile link]
  Seller: [profile link]
  Seller's Receiving address:
  Buyer's refund address:
  Amount to be traded: 
  More Details:
Regarding for the escrow in signature/bounty campaigns in bitcointalk, my rate is 2% of the total funds and minimum fee is 0.01 BTC and may vary with the number of participants. Additional fee if the participants is over 300.
Note: I do this manually no bot/s are used so you have to trust me when dealing with me for this service.

My main thread on Bitcointalk.org https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2062906.0.

Some of my previous transactions

Most of the transactions are from Bitcointalk for Signature and Bounty Campaigns

Xplay Twitter and Facebook Campaign - 1.4 BTC | around 4,100 USD
GexCrypto Signature Campaign - 2.04 BTC | around 12,000 USD
GexCrypto Bounty Campaign - 4,000,000 GEX Token | around 440,000 USD base on its ICO token price.
P2PS Bounty Campaign - 500,000 P2PS Token | around 1,450,000 USD base on its ICO token price.
Robin8 Twitter Campaign - 0.708 BTC | around 5,400 USD
EpigenCare Bounty Campaign - 1.01 BTC | around 11,600 USD
Tigereum Bounty Campaign - 120,000 TIG Token | around 120,000 USD base on its ICO token price
BookiePro Signature and Twitter Campaign - 3.1 BTC | around 20,300 USD base on Bitcoin current price at that time.
For more proofs: Click here.

Total Escrowed funds based on above details: +2 million USD