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Bitcoin and ETH Escrow Service of Bl4nkcode

I'm doing escrow service on Bitcointalk.org and have too many different transactions including 1 Bitcoin.
A signed message from my Escrow BTC address 1A7eegrhDp91vvPn7yrhGj4VRAcJJuJEzn
This is bl4nkcode of bitcointalk.org, started doing escrow service, all trades will be made using this address. Date: 03/08/2017
Version: Bitcoin-qt (1.0)
Address: 1A7eegrhDp91vvPn7yrhGj4VRAcJJuJEzn

        -----END BITCOIN SIGNATURE-----
You should always ask a signed message from me with the current date if you want to use my escrow service from the address quoted above to prevent from impersonators and scammers.

How to start with my service?

Fill this format below and send it to me on Bitcointalk.org here or message me at telegram: @bL4nkcode
Buyer: [profile link]
Seller: [profile link]
Seller's Receiving address:
Buyer's refund address:
Amount to be traded: 
More Details:
Note: I do this manually no bot/s are used so you have to trust me when dealing with me for this service.

My main thread on Bitcointalk.org https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2062906.0.

Some of my previous transaction

Xplay Twitter and Facebook Campaign - 1.4 BTC | around 4,100 USD
GexCrypto Signature Campaign - 2.04 BTC | around 12,000 USD
GexCrypto Bounty Campaign - 4,000,000 GEX Token | around 440,000 USD base on its ICO token price.
P2PS Bounty Campaign - 500,000 P2PS Token | around 1,450,000 USD base on its ICO token price.
Robin8 Twitter Campaign - 0.708 BTC | around 5,400 USD
EpigenCare Bounty Campaign - 1.01 BTC | around 11,600 USD
Tigereum Bounty Campaign - 120,000 TIG Token | around 120,000 USD base on its ICO token price
BookiePro Signature and Twitter Campaign - 3.1 BTC | around 20,300 USD base on Bitcoin current price at that time.
For more proofs: Click here.

Total Escrowed funds based on above details: +2 million USD

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