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Vintili Project (INTL) Scam

The First Interactive Masternode!

Vintili Project Token/Coin Details

Token/Coin Symbol: INTL
Bitcointalk Announcement
Blockchain Platform
Fereg Vasco
Price Per Token: 0.04 BTC - 1000 INTL
Total Token Supply: 24,300,000 INTL Token/Coin
Soft Cap: N/A
Accepted Currency: BTC, LTC, ETH
Other Links:

VINTILI is a fast and modern cryptocurrency that can be mined using PoS and has masternodes. It is the first cryptocurrency providing eligible Masternodes - Masternode holders who get rewards for stabilizing and securing the network can freely chose the MN tier they want. A higher collateral gives masternode owners a higher block reward when their node gets selected for getting the current block reward.

The MN owner can freely chose what MN tier he wants to use. It is limited to min 1000 and max 5000 coins per node so that MN holders cannot get too much power. MN tiers are: Bronze (1000 INTL), Silver(3000 INTL), Gold(5000 INTL).

For inquires Join discord for more information about the project: https://discord.gg/z7qvGm

Date Start: September 03, 2018
Date End: September 12, 2018
Total Distribution of Vintili Project ICO Project

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Regarding the Presale or ICO deposits, please don't use any exchanges to send ETH. Use personal wallets like MyEtherWallet, and Metamask. If you're sending ETH from exchanges Vintili Project won’t be able to recognize you and won't send you tokens.

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