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How Hackers Gain Access to Virtual Crypto Wallets via Emails and Social Media - Bl4nkcode
Social media and email addresses have become vital elements of everyday life in the contemporary world, for both networking and businesses. And now, the two are among...
Cryptocurrency Article
How Blockchain and Law Can Work Together - Bl4nkcode
One of the core functions of blockchain is doing away with the need for intermediaries. This, along with the evolution of smart contracts, has led to speculation that...
Cryptocurrency Article
Ever Wondered Why Governments Tend to Bully Cryptocurrencies? - Bl4nkcode
Ever since the cryptocurrency fad caught on, governments across the world have struggled to regulate them, especially after Bitcoin’s price explosion last year. The
Cryptocurrency Article
Bitcoin Bubble? Why the Burst Might Be Good for Bitcoin & Blockchain - Bl4nkcode
Media outlets that once ran glorifying stories of Bitcoin ascendance are now describing a Bitcoin bubble that has popped. Economists who were at first curious in a...
Cryptocurrency Article
Cryptocurrency Resources List - Bl4nkcode
Upon the introduction of blockchain technology various industries has been adopting this tech, so I decided to add some of the resourceful links, websites...
Cryptocurrency Article
How to create your own Cryptocurrency - Bl4nkcode
The BitCoin fever has reshaped the digital universe. Cryptocurrencies have become a planet-wide sensation. Mining crypto coins and get rich schemes are all over the...
Cryptocurrency Article
The New Age of Bitcoin Business Opportunities - Bl4nkcode
Ever since the world was first introduced to Bitcoin 9-years prior, the cryptomarket has experienced astonishing growth. Along with this rapid expansion, the number of B
Cryptocurrency Article
How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Assets Safe - Total Coin Security Simplified  - Bl4nkcode
In the first six months of 2018, cryptocurrency equivocal to $731 million in value, was stolen from online exchange wallets. Since 2013, costs associated with crypto...
Cryptocurrency Article
What Skills Are Needed for Cryptocurrency Jobs? - Bl4nkcode
As cryptocurrency continues to pique the interest of the wider public, the conversation around it is evolving. Rather than misconceptions of a dark network of...
Cryptocurrency Article
Bitcoin Software Development – The New Era of Tokenization - Bl4nkcode
The world’s original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, offers users a plethora of advantages over traditional fiat currencies. The decentralized nature of this cryptocurrency...
Cryptocurrency Article
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