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Ellipal — The Cold Wallet 2.0 Review - Bl4nkcode
The Ellipal Cold Wallet 2.0 is a new cryptocurrency hardware wallet created by a Hong Kong-based company. How good is it?
Blockchain Manufacturing – Enabling Supply Chain Traceability - Bl4nkcode
Nowadays customer expectations and demands for quality of the product are increasing that places pressure on the manufacturing industry...
Blockchain Community Returns to Its Founding Principles with Revolutionary New Smart Contract Investment Platform - Bl4nkcode
Introducing URA.market - The only blockchain venture of its kind offering a fully automated, independent and secure 100% divestment...
Are Crypto trading bots worth the hype? Do they actually work? - Bl4nkcode
Ever since 2017, there has been a rise seen in cryptocurrency and so has the crypto trading bots. More and more people are showing their...
Delta Exchange — Legit and Secure - Bl4nkcode
Delta Exchange is a prominent exchange for trading of crypto futures on and other crypto derivatives. Delta exchange allows leverage of up
How to Make Sense of the Tax Implications in Cryptocurrency - Bl4nkcode
A wise man once said, the only inevitable things in life are “death and taxes”, which is a metaphor for the unavoidable nature of death...
Kalki Coin — Privacy Within Your Control - Bl4nkcode
Kalkicoin is a cryptocurrency project that mainly focuses to bridge the gap between customers and merchants by offering a decentralized paym
Bitcoin Mixer Are Helping Create the Ideal Bitcoin - Bl4nkcode
There have been many discussions on what the ideal Bitcoin should be. This is why the Bitcoin community has morphed from a single network...
Will Blockchain Have an Effect on How We Send Money Overseas? - Bl4nkcode
Since its creation in 2009, there has been a lot of hype of bitcoin. Over time, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin...
Three Strategies for Exiting Losing Trades - Bl4nkcode
Losing trades, to a professional trader, are nothing more than the cost of doing business. Market pros exit their losing trades without...
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