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Publish your ICO

Upon filling the form below, you will agree to,
  • Pay first $100 USD worth of Bitcoin or in Ethereum for the listing;
  • That we have the right to refuse to list your ICO project;
  • Once paid, your ICO project will be listed within 24 hours.
If you want to pay in your tokens/atcoins, we will charge 3x (3 times) of the mentioned price, so you will pay a total of $300 worth of your token. We do it since we don't know the price of the coin/token after it will be listed on the market (if ever), and mostly the price drops.
If you agree all mentioned above, please proceed below by clicking the "Show Form" and we will forward the payment address for the listing.
Please see our stats and promotional services especially on our featured listing. Download it here.

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