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Overview of the flow value public chain FLOWCOIN
It is a recognized fact that traditional Internet traffic is becoming more and more expensive. How to obtain effective, accurate, and cost-effective traffi
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A new technology leader of Web3.0? Omnipotent public blockchain Thinkium is in hot pursuit by community
The Reddit community is buzzing about a new public blockchain project called Thinkium, which has accumulated thousands of followers in less
Agalta Protocol: A Layer 2 solution with the best overall performance
Agalta is a decentralized cross-chain protocol featured by its high speed, security, and reliability. It is one of the first expansion protocols that suppo
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Zild Protocol To Be Launched On World's Fifth-Largest Exchange Bittrex Before Going Live
Moscow, Russia--ZILD Lending Protocol, which is a suite of decentralized protocols that support all sorts of ERC20 tokens lending, borrowing, and debt sett
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CoinBene launches contract insurance, allowing users to make a solid profit
CoinBene has been operating smoothly for nearly 4 years since its establishment in August 2017. Since the currency circle is updated quickly
CryptoFifa: Football NFT GameFi on its way to Rock the Crypto World
The overwhelmingly popular collections in 2021 are star cards and NFT (Non-Fungible Token), both of which entered a big bull market unexpect
How to Find Decentralized Websites

How to Find Decentralized Websites

Publish Date: Apr 12, 2021
The decentralized web already exists, but it operates in a fundamentally different way than the old web and requires some special tools. As
Know about Trend Lines and Channels in Forex
While you are trading in the Forex market, among the numerous things that you have to learn about, different analysis systems are the most
Rabbit Finance —The yielding mining excess earnings protocol supporting 10 times leverage
Rabbit Finance is a leveraged yield farming protocol based Binance Smart Chain (BSC) released by Rabbit Finance Lab. It supports users
KAKLAB, Born for NFT Metadata Storage
From February 2021, NFTs have continued to heat up. Traditional giants including Christie’s auction house, NBA, and LEGO have deployed NFT
Solana SPL is coming to AscendEX

Solana SPL is coming to AscendEX

Publish Date: Mar 27, 2021
AscendEX, formerly BitMax, has announced the support of Sol
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e-Money is Staking on AscendEX

e-Money is Staking on AscendEX

Publish Date: Mar 23, 2021
e-Money pioneering blockchain sectors first interest bearing stablecoins
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Will NFXT become next NFT super star?
The time has come to 2021. The cryptocurrency market is showing a spurt of development. The prices of BTC and ETH continue to climb to new h
BitMax Announces Staking Service for DIVI (, has announced the launch of its staking service for DIVI token (DIVI) on March 9 at 9 am. 
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