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Top 8 Cryptocurrency Blockchain startups to make waves in South Korea

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Top 8 Cryptocurrency Blockchain startups to make waves in South Korea | Top 8 Cryptocurrency Blockchain startups to make waves in South Korea

South Korea’s has caught the Cryptocurrency fever back in 2018, whilst the frenzy that has swept the Asian has slowly faded, the number of projects and startups that have started to emerge has increased. With the economy stagnant and frustrated by limited investing opportunities, millions of Koreans decided to hop aboard the Cryptocurrency bandwagon with some of Korea’s biggest companies ramping up their blockchain related activities.

Due to South Korea, progressive stance towards regulating Cryptocurrencies, an increasing number of startups, straight out of South Korea are attempting to revolutionize industries across the globe by attempting to solve market inefficiencies by levering the benefits that blockchain technology provides.

Here is a list of 8 top tier projects that are making waves in South Korea’s Blockchain space:


Dubbed as ‘’Korea’s coin’’, ICON is said to be South Korea’s biggest blockchain project after raising a staggering $45million in under 8 hours with their ICO. ICONLOOP, the company behind ICON is working alongside companies such as Line, SKplanet, Samsung Electronics and Smilegate, whilst also securing several high-level government-backed initiatives. Today, ICON is connecting & scaling the private network of ICONLoop which comprises various enterprises, institutions, and even the South Korean government. Having the first-mover advantage, ICON continues to dominate Korea’s crypto space, collaborating with tech giants, conglomerate and adding more partners to it’s growing list of clientele

Price: $0.22552 USD
Ticker Symbol: ICX
Market Capitalization: $105,948,715 USD
Total Supply: 800,460,000 ICX  ~ (800.460 Million ICX)
Circulating Supply: 473,406,688 ICX

Aergo (AERGO)

Having just debuted on a handful of exchanges in Q4, 2018, Aergo is introducing a hybrid Blockchain platform that is designed to meets the demands & needs of enterprises. A strategic partner of Blocko, the private company that began deploying blockchain solutions to enterprises since 2015,  Aergo is set to become Korea’s most anticipated project due to its strategic partnerships that would allow the open-source project to kickstart adoption as an estimated over 25 millions are said to be using Blocko’s software, Coinstack. With Blocko becoming a hot topic in the Korean Fintech space, managing to ink several high-level deals with reputable enterprises and institutions such as Samsung, Hyundai, Shinhan Bank and many more, Aergo is set to be next prodigy to dominate South Korea. Blocko’s proprietary software, Coinstack, is providing a testbed for South Korea’s central bank, Korean financial telecommunications & clearing institute, and Korea Federation of Banks consisting 11 of Korea’s largest Banks. 

The public blockchain, Aergo, is designed to be a transparent open source platform, rather than commercialized - allowing enterprises to deploy their own hybrid blockchain, either private, public or a mixture of both. Despite being a relatively new project with the support of Blocko, Aergo has the opportunity to tap into an impressive list of existing clientele, who are eager to migrate onto the open-source platform whilst retaining their private chains.

Ticker Symbol: AERGO
Market Capitalization: $1,585,428 USD
Total Supply: 500,000,000 AERGO ~ (500 Million AERGO)
Circulating Supply: 26,270,209 AERGO

Boscoin (BOS)

Proposing a self-evolving platform, Boscoin wants it to make easier to deploy decentralized applications on top of a congressional decentralized network. Introducing a new future-oriented incentive, consensus systems, and the ability to self-evolve without forking; Boscoin is a blockchain solution that welcomes constant innovation and experimentation. The self-evolving blockchain system is meant to ensure that Boscoin can evolve over time, welcoming any sort of change that would improve the protocol, network, or mechanism. That is to say, Boscoin constitutes a governance system whereby nodes operators are given the opportunity and incentives to continuously improve the ecosystem. This is done by essentially allowing participants to make a proposal and have others approve the idea through a democratic voting process. 

Boscoin will allow developers to deploy & run Trust Contracts using a programming framework called Owlchain. Trust contracts will be written in Timed Automata language, making them easy to read and write, as these contracts are broken down to provide the end-user a more simplistic programming experience when compared to rather existing, complex smart contract frameworks.

Price: $0.024990 USD
Ticker Symbol: BOS
Market Capitalization: $13,306,810 USD
Total Supply: 728,230,450 BOS ~ (728.23 Million BOS)
Circulating Supply: 532,479,897 BOS


The idea behind CosmoChain is to revolutionize the cosmetic industry, taking advantage of Korea’s massive billion-dollar beauty market. By ‘’taking true value of beauty to the next level’’ the projects looks to connect customers and companies through a mutually beneficial ecosystem. By rewarding active participants, customers can earn tokens through social engagement, by simply commenting on other users products or services. 

The main value proposition of CosmoChain, is to provide a transparent distribution and reward customers who want to share their personal data with the Cosmochain ecosystem

Price: $0.013802 USD
Ticker Symbol: COSM
Market Capitalization: $9,258,319 USD
Total Supply: 923,000,000 COSM ~ (923 Million COSM)
Circulating Supply: 670,780,889 COSM


Making claims of featuring the world’s first DAG-based smart contract platform, Fantom looks to solve the issue surrounding scalability that plagues the industry. The higher performance blockchain wants to ensure instant transactions and infinite scalability at near zero cost. 

Fantom is introducing a unique protocol with the intention to differentiate itself by incorporating smart contract dApp infrastructure into a DAG-based platform that would applications to be run in an effective & efficient manner. With the ambitious goal of becoming the first platform to disrupt supply-chain management and the payment solutions industry. 

Price: $0.003617 USD|
Ticker: FTM
Market Capitalization: $4,592,980 USD
Total Supply: 3,175,000,000 FTM ~ (3.175 Billion FTM)
Circulating Supply: 1,270,000,000 FTM


Wanting to become the number one blockchain-based solution for Social Media, Futurepia is trying to solve the industry’s biggest problem using scalable distributed ledger technology. Offering various API’s based on social media to facilitate easy DApp development, the project wants to be the number one solution for developers interested in deploying decentralized social applications. Capable of handling high traffic DApps with minimal fees, the project plans to attract DApps developers who intended to build Social Media applications to its platform. 

The team leading Futurepia have received an award from InnMind for being one of the most ‘’Innovative Blockchain Startups’’ and it’s shared that Futurepia is one of Korea’s most ambitious project that plans to introduce a new mechanism and protocol. Including a new DDPos (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm that designed to overcome DPoS both in terms of security and scalability.

Price: Not yet Listed, (ICO price) FPC= $0.006239
Ticker: FPC
Market Capitalization: TBA
Total Supply: 22,200,000,000 ~ (22.2 Million FPC)
Circulating Supply: TBA



An anticipated project schedule to go live in 2019, Fleta is a decentralized platform that is trying to solve the issues surrounding scalability and DApp deployment. The project is introducing several new protocols and mechanisms that would make it easier for developers to write & run smart contracts. A team of professionals blockchain enthusiasts is spearheading FLETA and the project is backed by a list of prominent advisors, including Young Jin Son, the Former CEO of Cisco & Microsoft Korea and Hae Won Choi, the former CEO of SAP Korea. By utilizing a highly efficient block processing mechanism, LEVEL Tree Validation (vs Merkel Tree), and Parallel sharding, FLETA aims to become the go-to platform for developers to deploy resource-extensive DApps. By using new innovative blockchain models, with the intention of improving on all preceding models and bringing on a board of industry leading advisors, Fleta is set to provide the Crypto space with a more cost-effective & efficient means of running decentralized applications

Price: TBA
Ticker Symbol: FLETA
Market Capitalization: TBA
Total Supply: TBA
Circulating Supply: TBA

CarryProtocol (CRE)

After successfully raising $13.6 Million through an ICO back in 2018, CarryProtocol is attempting to revolutionize the traditional Brick-and-Mortar retail industry by empowering merchants and consumers through distributed ledger technology. 

Now, Merchants will be able to create their own unique brand tokens or smart contracts, whilst consumers get to earn CRE from 3rd party advertisers in return for disclosing personal data and engagement. By connecting Merchants and consumers with blockchain, CarryProtocol plans to power the next generation of apps designed specifically for the offline retail industry.

Price: Not yet Listed, (ICO price) CRE = $0.0094 USD
Ticker: CRE
Market Capitalization: TBA
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 CRE  
Circulating Supply: TBA

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