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Publica To Use Ethereum Blockchain For New Publishing Ecommerce Platform

September 26, 2017 | Admin
Publica To Use Ethereum Blockchain For New Publishing Ecommerce Platform | Publica To Use Ethereum Blockchain For New Publishing Ecommerce Platform

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Delray Beach, Florida: Publica is building a new e-commerce platform for the publishing ecosystem using the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts.

Marc Kenigsberg, the founder of BitcoinChaser, also announced his role as Publica’s advisor. “Blockchain will go down in history as one of the most disruptive technologies of all time,” said Kenigsberg. “Publica’s vision to unite it with printing and the internet, two of humanity’s most disruptive inventions, is brilliant and perfectly timed for this revolution in human history. The Publica platform is going to enable a lot of positive change for many people around the world.”

Publica’s e-reader apps, for all popular platforms, will do double-duty as digital wallets to make their adoption easy and transparent for the public. The platform is designed to make the blockchain revolution to how books are funded, constructed, discovered, publicized, bought, and read.

Publica will work with Ethereum, standards bodies, and other authorities to enlarge the blockchain into publishing. Publica will also back blockchains in the long tail of publishing derivatives such as movie scripts, merchandise, games, audiobooks, and periodicals, with the necessary legal frameworks.

Publica’s CEO Josef Marc said “The publishing ecosystem is a global economy of e-commerce unto itself. Book projects are like startups. They can start small, and they can turn into sustainable businesses. Entrepreneurial business models and ideas will become the new norm.”

The Ethereum blockchain performs three roles on the platform, supporting READ, RIGHTS, and PBL tokens. When a book is funded, whether by people pre-sales or organizations or by any other means, Publica will write the terms in smart contracts called Book ICO’s. READ tokens are one of the two keys in a public-key / private-key decryption system for reading a book’s digital editions.

When a book’s contents are extended to derivative rights, Publica will write their terms in smart contracts called RIGHTS ICO’s. “We’ll do our best to help the blockchains get ready for RIGHTS tokens,” said Publica’s CTO Yuri Pimenov.

Publica will distribute one billion tokens called PBL, or Pebbles, in an October ICO. According to Marc, “The publishing economy needs its own digital money because it’s a very long-tail business. Book projects with their contracts outlive people, as do copyrights. Project funds don’t need daily exchanges with local fiat currencies. They’re ‘work money’ with long-running balances. The gig economy and sharing economy are global, and they should come into the publishing marketplace. No local currency should pose a barrier to entry.”

Pebbles will be not visible to the general public. Coin and token exchanges make it simple to present e-commerce in any denomination. Pebbles will be the medium of exchange within the platform’s smart contracts for goods and services. “Publishing’s e-commerce needs mega payments, micropayments, and every size in between. Pebbles are better suited for it than BTC, ETH, READ and RIGHTS tokens, or dollars for that matter,” said Publica’s COO Anton Sapriko.

Publica’s development team is Scandiweb. Their Ethereum ICO experience includes projects with Element Group. As a leading Magento developer, their e-commerce experience includes Walmart, The New York Times, Land Rover, Jaguar and many other leading names.
Team Leadership

Team Leadership

Josef Marc, CEO leads the Publica team. He has helped for many multimillion companies to reach good success - his first technology job was a startup that was acquired by Sony to form its broadcast systems integration company in what the media calls an acquihire today. Antons Sapirko, COO is responsible for operational management in Publica. His experience leading Scandiweb from a local agency to becoming the largest e-commerce services provider on the Magento principles will help Publica take care of business. Yuri Pimenov, CTO is a longtime contributor to the blockchain community with his blog and his Russian translation of the seminal book "Mastering Blockchain" by Andreas Antonopoulos. Before Publica, he was the CTO of a leading Bitcoin exchange.

 Josef Marc, CEO

 Antons Sapriko, COO 

 Yuri Pimenov, CTO

Video description about Publica 

More information about Publica 

More information about ICO token project of Publica visit here.

Note:  According to the latest information from Publica the date of the presale is extended and will last to 31/10/2017. Crowdsale will start on 01/11/2017and will last through 01/12/2017. The decision to change crowdsale dates was made in light of the announcements of two upcoming Bitcoin forks. Publica’s CEO Josef Marc commented: “We understand that today might not be the best day for many people to trade their Bitcoin or Ether. We’re happy we can accommodate our community needs.”

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