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Kalki Coin — Privacy Within Your Control

December 16, 2018 | Admin
Kalki Coin — Privacy Within Your Control | Kalki Coin — Privacy Within Your Control


We have moved on from the barter system and have started to use currencies as a mode of exchange. With each country using their own currencies, cryptocurrencies offer a currency that is globally accepted. However, using cryptocurrency for payments has some risks of its own.
The prices of cryptocurrencies are highly volatile which has demotivated merchants from accepting it as a payment mode. However, little do they know that the exchange rates of centralized fiat currencies are also subject to changes. The exchange rates of fiat currencies such as USD and EUR also vary on a daily basis. In order to provide a standard, stable and convenient payment technique Kalkicoin was introduced.

What is Kalkicoin?

Kalkicoin is a cryptocurrency project that mainly focuses to bridge the gap between customers and merchants by offering a decentralized payment option. Not only does this offer a convenient way to pay at any merchant but the coin also offers great stability when it comes to its value.
Kalkicoin provides the merchant with a POS feature. Any merchant who has signed up for the Kalkicoin platform cannot only accept BTC, ETH, LTC, and KLC but can also accept traditional fiat currencies.
The platform brings all the advantages that come along with using a blockchain such as an immutable ledger and complete transparency. Let us now see how this platform manages to keep the prices of the coin stable.

How does Kalkicoin work?

The biggest problem with any new crypto token is that they are usually highly manipulated by the greedy traders. These coins are usually pumped to exorbitant values and the later dumped.
Kalkicoin is immune to such pump and dumps. Kalki coin uses a proprietary algorithm that makes use of Artificial intelligence in order to stabilize the price of the coin in a short run. Thus, it is by far the most stable currency in existence.
This platform is also extremely consumer friendly. In order to avoid any fraud when you buy anything online, your money is going to be transferred to an escrow account and only after your product is shipped will it be transferred to the merchant. Thus, eliminating any kind of fraud in online transactions.

The KLC coin:

The KLC coin is the currency on the Kalkicoin platform. All transactions are made in the form of these KLC coins. Unlike most cryptocurrency networks that use the proof of work consensus, Kalkicoin makes use of proof of work consensus. The proof of work mining protocol is by far the most secure consensus method known in the crypto world. This is why all the major cryptocurrencies also make use of this mining technique. Miners can mine the KLC coin on their own computer and verify transactions on the network. The proof of work protocol helps this platform achieve the maximum decentralization required.

Benefits of Kalkicoin:

1. Kalkicoin POS: Kalkicoin offers a great mode of payment for the merchant. By making use of the Kalki POS, merchants can accept payments in almost all existing modes, including visa. The existing POS devices charge the merchants 3-5% for every transaction made on the POS device.
2. Stability: The Kalki coin uses the magic stability algorithm that makes the KLC coin a very stable form of currency. The coin is immune from all the pump and dump schemes. Thus, is very convenient to be used as a currency.
3. Corruption: With corruption on the rise, Kalkicoin can stop it for good. The Kalkicoin uses the blockchain to store all transactions. It is impossible for a hacker to change the details on each and every node of the blockchain. Thus, putting an end to corruption.

4. Kalki cards: This is a feature that will change the whole dynamic of the cryptocurrency market. The Kalkicoin platform will introduce a Debit Card for its users and will be available in all countries. Using this card, users can transact on any offline or online merchant accepting debit cards. The KLC coin is converted into fiat money and transferred into the receiver's bank whenever you decide to use this card.


Kalkicoin is a project with a great idea to back it up. By creating a very stable coin, merchants around the world will be encouraged to switch to the Kalkicoin platform. As the platform achieves mass adoption the world will be more united by the global currency and less corruption.
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