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Crypto Alternatives to Google AdSense (Updated)

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Crypto Alternatives to Google AdSense (Updated) | Crypto Alternatives to Google AdSense (Updated)

The last couple of months have brought along discussions relating to Google’s plan of banning cryptocurrency-related ads alongside other speculative financial products, on its AdSense platform.

It is estimated that the policy will become effective in June 2018, across Google’s network of services, including YouTube. Similar to Facebook, the ad policy will restrain numerous other forms of advertising, especially those related to topics such as wagers on future stock price fluctuations, binary options, spread-betting and more. Because of this, it is essential for those involved in the cryptocurrency and related markets, to consider alternative ad platforms. This article will cover a few of the best bitcoin-friendly advertising networks.

List of Crypto Alternatives to Google Adsense

  • A-ads
  • Coinad
  • Coinzilla
  • Cointraffic
  • Bitmedia
  • CoinUrl


Commonly known as Anonymous Ads, this advertisement network prides itself for not collecting any personal user data. Accessing the platform is easy, as users are not required to register, and simply have to select an ad type, filter the types of ads which can be posted on their website, and choose to withdraw options. Payments are made based on the number of unique impressions and are calculated daily. The service has been around for a while and is considered reputable. 


As an ad-network, Coinad can be presented as exclusive. The reason behind this is that joining the network requires an invitation. Additionally, Coinad is known for only accepting authority and high-traffic websites, in an effort to make sure that advertisers are happy with the financial gains. Publishers, on the other hand, are generally given good payment incentives. 


The platform is beneficial to both advertisers and publishers, as it also allows the purchase of targeted traffic. They offer various promotion methods, including floating and IAB banners or the brand-new press release system. Some of their benefits include quality of impressions and clicks, a helpful customer support team, CPM-based advertising solutions, mobile support, website targeting, and a variety of ad formats & display zones. Coinzilla’s bitcoin ad-network offers marketing combinations that are very flexible, being created to provide the needs of all consumers, regardless of their reputation in the crypto-industry. Coinzilla is one of3 crypto related ad-network in the industry.


Similar to Coinad, CoinTraffic chooses to work with trusted publishers, yet being accepted to the network should prove to be a bit easier. The network is well-known for its great customer support team, which facilitates everything from registration, to choosing ads and more. Payments are calculated in EUR, yet payments are made via BTC. 

As for publishers, they are way too restrict once they think that your site doesn't make clicks or traffic to the ads placed on your site they will eventually message you for termination, but you're always welcome to reapply. As their withdrawal process, it only takes hours and you will receive it eventually, minimum of 25 EUR. As their new service, they offer also press release publishing in which you can apply by messaging their email support. 

Press release publishing is way more easy to earn because of every approved press article you will earn 20 EUR, it will reflect on your account's dashboard. They also support wire transfer for your withdrawal, which has a minimum of 300 EUR, it will take a maximum of 3 days before it arrives to your bank account.


Bitmedia services are compared as crypto google Adsense as they use the effective CPC and CPM model and offers pretty high rates,  as long as your site maintaining high-quality traffic and passes its strict standards then you will earn a lot. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. Just like other services publishers can use their earnings on there account as funds for advertising on the platform.


At this time, CoinURL offers two methods of monetizing advertisements, these being interstitial ads and banner ads. The first method can be quite cumbersome to users, as it is mainly user for shortened links posted on social media platforms. The latter, however, allows users to post banners ads based on the pay-per-click system. All payments are to be made in BTC, with the minimum withdrawal amount being of 0.01 BTC.

Lately, there are so many issues related to this service, as they stop paying their publishers randomly, support way too long to response, long process of withdrawal and even doesn't reflect their wallet's balance as for advertiser's deposits. So, overall it's a red flag to use this as Google Adsense alternatives for crypto-related websites.

While the services listed above are definitely worth a shot, it is important for both publishers especially cryptocurrency blog owners and advertisers to thoroughly check the policies of each service in particular. The market is still unregulated; therefore fraud and other scams are possible. 

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