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Top 5 Most Promising Coins to Invest in for 2018

April 12. 2018 | Admin
Top 5 Most Promising Coins to Invest in for 2018 | Top 5 Most Promising Coins to Invest in for 2018

While there are some coins that will always perform well such as Bitcoin or Monero, there are also some more under the radar cryptocurrency investments that could prove to be quite formidable within the next year. The most interesting application of cryptocurrencies is not as currency in and of itself, but the underlying blockchain technology that has the power to transform the way the world manages its data. To that end, there are many, many projects looking to achieve this in various ways. Here are my top 5 most promising coins to invest in for 2018.


Believe it or not, this blockchain project was first brought into creation by the Disney company. Unfortunately, they abandoned the project. However, they made the project open source, and some former Disney employees continued development of this interesting little software. Here's my Dragonchain analysis.

Dragonchain allows for businesses to get started in securing their place on the blockchain. While many projects are looking to do this, I think this particular platform is doing it in a way that will appeal to many big businesses or even world governments. The problem with the transparency of the blockchain is that your information is not private. The ledger tells all, and many businesses do not want everything to be told. They have proprietary software to protect.

To that end, the Dragonchain platform will not only provide an environment for applications to be created, but it will also do so privately. Sensitive business information will be protected, and this will be a very, very important feature to fortune 500 companies. They simply will not use something that does not provide this. In addition, the Dragonchain platform is also a scalable system capable of handling the volume these companies will need to operate efficiently. It also doesn't hurt having an enormous brand like Disney behind your inception. For all of these reasons, Dragonchain is one of my top picks for 2018.


There is a huge number of people in the world that do not have reliable access to financial services. These people are called "the underbanked". While traditional financial institutions are aware of these individuals, it becomes a matter of infrastructure availability and cost that keeps them from offering service to these people. Don't forget the enormous industry surrounding international remittance, sending money between countries can be very difficult and costly. Add in the headache of converting currencies for those who need to send money back home to relatives, and the uses of OmiseGo become more apparent.

The OmiseGo platform aims to be an all in one payment platform that anyone in the world can take advantage of. Users of the service will be able to accept and make payments on the application. What's more, is that OmiseGo will also offer a point of sale solutions so that anyone can quickly and easily accept digital payments for their goods or services.

These users will also have access to virtual cash cards to pay for items they might need. The number of people who could potentially make use of a service like this is breathtaking, and they have managed to accrue a good amount of hype for their project.


This little Australia startup is making big waves, and while there are many others trying to create a platform where freelancers can offer their services for the cryptocurrency, Canya actually has a working product. In fact, they have over 4,000 service providers already on their platform and a total of 8,000 registered users. Initially, soft-launched in one Australian city, they now operate in several large hubs including Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and others.

After completing their initial phase in their home country, they plan to expand further into more countries. Their offering is impressive, and they have amazing branding and social media outreach going on. This coin is still quite affordable, and I see them bringing some great things to the table in 2018 and beyond.

What is Canya? Canya is a marketplace for individuals to offer their services for sale. This global peer to peer marketplace allows people like electricians, plumbers, designers, photographers, writers, and more to offer their skills for hire. It also helps those who are looking to hire these tradesmen or freelancers but are not quite sure who to choose. The platform's transparent review options allow consumers to choose the best person for the job easily. The gig economy is only going to grow.


Polymath is a securities platform that allows the tokenization of traditional financial instruments such as insurance, equities, real estate and more. The finance industry has their sights set on the world of cryptocurrency, and they are starting to see that the efficiency of the blockchain could provide some big advantages to even traditional financial assets.

As they inevitably decide to start issuing their own tokens, Polymath will offer them an easy way to do that which removes all the legal headaches involved in the process. A service like this will no doubt act as a bridge between the blockchain and traditional finance.

While for most of the world this won't seem like a big deal, creative rights are all that artists, writers, and musicians really own. This is the total value of their work, and it's not always easy to protect it from infringement and theft. is a blockchain platform that seeks to record original works to prevent plagiarism.

This platform will allow creators to set their own terms for these agreements. Their software allows for integration into popular blogging or website building software that allows them to time stamp their creations, and then track usage of them.

They can either choose to charge for licensing should someone wish to reuse their content, or order others to stop using it without permission if it is identified elsewhere. A service like this will be extremely valuable to creators all over the world who are looking to be fairly compensated and credited for their hard work.

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