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Introducing Ubonium - The World’s First Crypto Exchange Traded Fund Platform

March 9, 2018 | Admin
Introducing Ubonium - The World’s First Crypto Exchange Traded Fund Platform | Introducing Ubonium - The World’s First Crypto Exchange Traded Fund Platform

Sorry to interrupt anyone but this project was reported as SCAM!

The forefront of financial technology in the blockchain era.

During the last couple of years, cryptocurrency investment possibilities have grown considerably, given the increasing popularity of the digital currency market. With time, this has led to the creation of exchange-traded crypto funds, also known as ETCFs. 

For those who do not know, exchange-traded funds are market securities which track an index or basket of funds and are traded like stock on stock exchanges. Their main benefit consists in having higher daily liquidity, alongside with lower fees, hence making them a viable alternative investment solution for individuals. The introduction of cryptocurrencies in this market is bound to increase profit margins, thus offering investors a higher return on investment and other benefits. 

Ubonium - Interview with Founder & CEO

Ubonium represents the world’s first, but also largest platform for exchange-traded crypto funds, which also brings together a marketplace. If successful, it is believed that the project will end up disrupting the $3 trillion dollar ETF industry, but also the $350 billion mobile payment industry.  

The platforms aim to do this by introducing low volatility, high liquidity, transparent transactions, diversified digital assets, low prices, instant transactions, balance and more. Therefore, when compared to exchange-traded funds, ETCFs provide numerous other benefits, such as: the ability to carry out instant transactions via the blockchain network; investors are free to keep their ETCF tokens on their own wallets; the funds can be exchanged non-stop; flat rate of 0.45% for every purchase and sale; absolutely no limit on buy and sell quantities; and last but not the least, the ability to easily transfer funds between wallets or exchanges.

What makes Ubonium more special is the fact that they’re planning to be a hybrid mobile payment system which also has an integrated digital currency exchange. In return, this will allow users to send funds anywhere, anytime and instantly; withdraw funds at ATMs; enjoy third-party integration; get access to contactless payments; manage their finances via the Ubonium mobile app and more. 

Ubonium has a bank for cryptocurrencies for the crypto community called UBOBANK. Handy and Bank-grade security for all transactions. With the use of Ubocard (Debit and ATM card) with Ubobank, Ubonium users can purchase with over million stores worldwide with ATM facilities to cashout/withdraw conveniently. Ubobank uses its cold-vault technology to store any cryptocurrencies securely and gives its users to access its vault safely without the risk of hacking. Transfer funds anywhere and anytime using Ubopay application and Ubocard with the Ubobank's account.

Ubonium's mission is to provide an excellent blockchain powered financial services to its customers that: customers recommend the platform to their family and circle of friends, Ubonium's employees are proud of, and investors seek for long-term returns.

As an effort to raise funds for the project, the team behind Ubonium is currently holding its token pre-sale, which will end on the 15th of March. With $3.5 million already raised, it is highly possible for the start-up to reach their $60 million hardcap. Token users will be able to get access to cheaper services or trade the tokens in exchange for a profit on supporting exchanges.

More information about Ubonium's project

Token Name:UBOCOIN
Token Symbol:UBO
Function:Exchangeable Utility Tokens
Token Sale Start Date:1 March 2018
Token Sale Close Date:10 May 2018
Cost of per UBO Token:0.001 ETH
Softcap :$3,500,000 USD
Hardcap :$60,000,000 USD
Terms of Token:70 Days max, may finish early if there is an automatic early completion of the token sale
Maximum issues of UBO Tokens:300,000,000
Unsold Tokens:All unsold tokens will be destroyed automatically and Permanently
Secured way to purchase tokens:ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH & FIAT PAYMENTS




Contact information:

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