Snovio: First Decentralized Lead Generation Service

by Ken
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SNOVio  - a decentralized platform for lead generation and sourcing. It works by blockchain technology and smart-contracts.

In marketing, lead generation is the introduction of customer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be designed for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. The methods for generating leads typically fall under the umbrella of advertising, but may also include non-paid sources such as organic search engine results or referrals from existing customers. Reference on wiki.

Snovio project came from developing a chrome extension launched in May of 2017, and now they announced the launch of its ICO this September 19, 2017, as a platform for lead generation and sourcing powered by Blockchain technology base on Ethereum — ERC20. You can see more details here or on the official website of Snovio.  

Behind using standard lead generation services out there, Snovio was born. Not to mention if when and where or how lead generation services get some potential consumers' data, which they, in turn, sell to their customers. The result? A huge bounce rate (usually up to 30%), a high percentage of non-existent telephone numbers, and critically outdated information. With the use of Blockchain technology as a decentralized platform, it makes Snovio a valuable tool for all the lead generation with the most accurate data for any kind of business. Data contributors are presented with a unique model for appropriate income distribution from exchanging data through a transparent and audited market.

How Snovio Platform Works

Snovio Mission

  1. Sources of Information Lack Transparency -  As a standard lead generation services, clients who buy leads have no way of telling what the source(s) of that data is/are. It may be such an incredibly outdated data that was collected several years already. But with Snovio, clients can always see the complete account of the data they are purchasing, from the beginning of the moment when the information added into the platform's database, to prove its transparentness.
  2. Data Exclusivity - As per mentioned above, buying from the traditional services, clients wouldn't know if how many time does the data has been sold and if it's still worth it to purchase the information you want. With this platform, buyers can see the full complete track and history of when or who did already purchased with the information you interested in.
  3. Poor Quality Leads - Common lead services are traditionally collect their information from the different centralized platform, so there's a big chance that this data has poor quality and clients will not even know if this information is still existing or not. With Snovio as a decentralized lead service, you will obviously know all this information including, the number of times that data was sold, clients who purchased, reviews, etc.
  4. Inability to receive real-time updates - As businesses grow, these companies need to reach their respective clients at the precise time when customers develop an interest for their product/s at the moment. E.g., for such demand-triggers might be purchasing a new car, a new promotion, or moving into a new home.  So this is important triggers that are opportunities to provide services when a client most likely the demand in which the company will assure that the customer will end up on paying such services. At Snovio, tracking updated data on real-time triggers form a supporting portion of the system’s functionality and competitive edge.
  5. Utter opacity - Currently, when this information supplier provides their information to the traditional lead generation services, they lose total control over that data. Snovio solves this problem using an open transaction registry as what Blockchain do to complete all the relevant information and smart-contracts.

How do you Benefit from Snovio

Snovio details

Notice to the Snovio’s Whitepaper with complete description of the technologies, roadmap, and all other technical data about the platform:
More information about the upcoming ICO is available on the official web page: and social media pages.
Bitcointalk Ann thread:

Snovio Token Crowdsale

Token name: Snovio
Token symbol: SNOV
Token base: Ethereum – ERC20
Token supply: 2.5 billion SNOV (locked)
Crowdsale start: September 19, 2017 14:00 GMT+3
Crowdsale end: October 19, 2017 14:00 GMT +3
Crowdsale target: $15 million.
More information: Snovio (SNOV) ICO details


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