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Using the latest Hyperledger Fabric technology, we provide seamless integration and connectivity among networks, businesses, and people.
TraXion focuses on building infrastructure for everyday users. A blockchain- driven environment changes how people do business by enforcing data integrity, accountability, transparency, and trust.
Our solution is a blockchain platform ready for business which means it's scalable, immutable, permission, and has all the necessities to execute smart contracts, business provenance, and data visibility.

Allocation of the Bounty pool

Signature: 20%
Twitter: 15%
Facebook: 15%
Content Creation: 20%
Reddit: 5%
Medium:  5%
LinkedIn: 5%
Telegram: 5%
Transalation: 15%

For more details, visit

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Manager:
5, 000, 000 TXN | 1 TXN = 0.001 ETH
Date Started:
March 01, 2018
Date Ends:
August 31, 2018

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