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→ 490,000,000 AIRE Tokens ( = 7% of the Total Supply) are in the Bounty Pool

AIRE Tokens are the Trading Pair on our Exchange for Personalized Tokens, and used as payment method for other services.

→ The Bounty Pool is split as follows:

Signature Campaign20%
Telegram Campaign 10%
Twitter Campaign 15%
Facebook Campaign 15%
Youtube Campaign 20%
Translation Campaign7.5%
Referral Campaign 12.5%

→  The Campaign is stake-based.

Tokens are distributed proportionally to the number of stakes a person has gained over the course of the campaign.

Ex.: If the total number of stakes gained for the signature campaign is 32000 and a person gained 13 stakes, he/she will receive 39,812.5 AIRE Tokens  [490,000,000 * 0.2 * (13/32000)]

→ The Campaign Duration is 4 Weeks.

Start: 11th July 10:00 UTC

End: 8th August 10:00 UTC

→ AIRE Tokens are Waves NG-based Tokens. To participate in the Bounty you need a public AIRE/Waves Wallet Address.

Recommended Way: Create a Tokenaire Marketplace Account here -> go to the Wallet -> click "Receive" at AIRE -> copy the Address. (Our Marketplace went successfully through a Security Audit by HACKEN and is 100% secure and decentralized)

Alternative Way: Install a Waves Wallet and copy your Address (NO exchanges, shapeshift etc.). Android | iOS

For more details, visit

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Manager:
490 000 000 AIRE
Date Started:
July 11, 2018
Date Ends:
August 08, 2018

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