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Bounties of Qabio Project

Qabio blockchain is preparing to be launched and before launching with 2 goals:

  • Collect a large and active community of involved people
  • In advance to reach an agreement about listing on the exchange

For listing, Qabio consider Cryptobridge or Cryptopia, if you have suggestions, write them in their discord chat.

In the background, Qabio continue to develop and test their products, including Masternode Ranking List (Masternode ranking website)  and Hosting for a master node with a One-click masternode setup service. 

Bounty Distribution:

  • Social Activity - 40%
  • Article about Qabio project - 15%
  • Bounty "Tweet" - 15%
  • Bounty "Youtube" - 15%
  • Others - 15%

For more details, visit

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Manager:
25 000 USD
Date Started:
August 17, 2018
Date Ends:
September 17, 2018

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