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Fieldcoin is developing a platform using blockchain technology to connect landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land property to individuals and companies.

10 000 000 Fieldcoins to claim !
A value of 500 000 USD

From November 4th 2018 to January 11th 2019

Want to grow your crypto savings and hope to own land asset back tokens? Here is the opportunity!

Fieldcoin is creating the 1st marketplace to acquire physical land assets back tokens (LANDS). Prepare yourself to participate in the most exciting adventure by joining our bounty program and be rewarded in Fieldcoin tokens that you will later use to buy LANDS tokens backed by real land parcels. It is time to bring your crypto asset a real tangible value and use case.

Become a pioneer in the new world economy of asset tokenization by joining our bounty program today!

Bounty Distribution
Facebook 20%,
Twitter 20%,
LinkedIn 10%,
Telegram 20%,
Articles 20%,
Video 7% ,
Translation 3%

For more details, visit

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Manager:
500 000 USD
Date Started:
November 04, 2018
Date Ends:
January 11, 2019

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