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The Bounty will last from February 21st until April 30th (or until the Hardcap is reached, whichever comes first).
Violation of any of the terms and conditions will result in termination from the bounty program, and as a result, you won’t receive any tokens.
1.5% of the total token supply goes for the bounty campaign: 30,000,000 Bit tokens or up to $350,000. Bounty campaign is structured as following:

Twitter Campaign - 30% (up to $105,000)
ranslation campaign - 10% (up to $35000)
Creative campaign - 33% (up to $115,500)
Bitcointalk Signatures campaign - 17% (up to $59,500)
Additional fund - 10% (up to $35,000)


BitRewards Bounty campaign Terms and Conditions

- Only 1.5% of BitRewards tokens are available through this bounty program.
- BitRewards Bounty campaign is not an advertising campaign. Participants are not to be considered BitRewards’ promoters and/or employees in any sense. Company hereby denies any legal obligations to the Bounty campaign participants.
- Citizens and residents of the following countries are NOT allowed to receive BIT tokens:
  1. The United States of America and all the territories under the US sovereignty (excluding accredited investors);
  2. China;
  3. Singapore.
- Participants from these countries are not accepted in general. In exceptional case the company will reward them with corresponding amount of ETH.
- BIT tokens will be sent to the eligible participants after the end of the Token Sale. There might be temporary lockage enforced.
- KYC procedure might be implemented before sending the tokens. In this case, participants who do not pass the procedure will not receive the tokens.
- BitRewards reserves rights to change the conditions of Bounty campaign or even cancel it at any time.

For more details, visit

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Manager:
350,000 USD
Date Started:
February 21, 2018
Date Ends:
April 30, 2018

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