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WorkingForBitcoins: Jobs For Bitcoins

Published: July 25, 2017 | Ken
WorkingForBitcoins: Jobs For Bitcoins | https://bl4nkcode.info/bitcoin/workingforbitcoins_jobs_for_bitcoins WorkingForBitcoins: Jobs For Bitcoins
WorkingForBitcoins.com is a site that helps employers and freelancers to conduct business by using Bitcoins. This is a new site which was launched in 2017. This is place where the members who are unable to do a job but they are talented in writing data entry, writing, and content and sales for them this is the best opportunity. You can post your job on this site and pay freelancers with Bitcoins. Once you post a job request, then freelancers will contact you, and you can select who you want to hire. There are many jobs like a website, software development, mobile application, design, writing, data entry, marketing and more are available. You will get many freelancers to do your job. This is a kind of the development of business by many people who need to do the job online. Here the work is taken by Bitcoins by which you can withdraw from it directly to your local bank. It is a place where their focus is on objectives and making progress. WorkingForBitcoins looking freelancers and building its reputation in the Bitcoin community, the Bitcointalk thread can be found here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1983031.0

For Buyers

Post your job here and pay freelances with Bitcoins to WorkingForBitcoins. Once you post your Bid, many freelancers will contact you and choose the freelancer who is good and suits for your job and can do a good job for you. You should pay the freelancer with Bitcoins only; you can transfer your money to Bitcoins here and pay to the freelancers. There is no question that you can’t find any freelancers; there are many freelancers who are wanted to do the job. They will contact you as soon as you post on the website. This site is applicable internationally without any additional steps.

For Sellers

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For the people who wanted to do the job with their talents in writing data work or websites and many, for them, WorkingForBitcoins is the best opportunity to earn money by working online by receiving Bitcoins. Here you can post a bid on a job in which you are perfect and good in that field which is impressed by the buyer from your work. If the employer likes you, he will offer you a job. The important thing is that the site will not take any commission fee from freelancers. Many sites are there for this work, but no site will give this opportunity to give your Bitcoins for how much you work. Rating will be based on the customer reviews, which very important for the sellers. Your wallet address will keep private payments, and the transition will be verified.

How to create an account?

Creating an account on WorkingForBitcoins is done only in 3 steps:
  1. The first step to sign up is click on the sign up option which is at the top right of the website.
  2. Write your username and email address then type your password and confirm it by retyping the same pass word. This your second step.
  3. Click on signup and the site will directly take you to the home page. Your account is created and you are ready to post a job or give a job for the users with their requests.
After creating your account, you can see your profile at the top of the website. Then complete your profile by filling your experience. For sellers, there is an option called buds in that you can place your buds publish it. You can also see your reviews after delivery of your work. Add your skills to the profile which can see by the buyer and will contact you. Your total rate of percentage is seen on the left side of the profile.
WorkingForBitcoins: Jobs For Bitcoins | https://bl4nkcode.info/bitcoin/workingforbitcoins_jobs_for_bitcoins Sample account | WorkingForBitcoins: Jobs For Bitcoins
Since WorkingForBitcoins is a new website, the website company will provide the user a respected and valued ways to develop. They are looking for a Master Engineer with the ability to undertake some of the most difficult tasks and deliver a reliable and perfect solution so that there sales will be increased and the website will get promotions. This site will not require the employer to deposit any kind of funds. All the money is directly transferred to the freelancer. The site is giving an opportunity to do work in there company anyone can apply for this job in the career option which is at bottom of the site.
Hope this will helps. Thanks for coming here.

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