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What is Chipmixer?

Published: July 23, 2017 | Ken
What is Chipmixer? | https://bl4nkcode.info/bitcoin/what_is_chipmixer What is Chipmixer?
It is commonly misconstruction that Bitcoin is an unidentified currency. Many media are like to write that Bitcoin is unable to found transaction for the original draft. So, many Bitcoin users are looking to keep their online transition to be private. Various mixing services have become apparent to fill that demand. On the way for the privacy of Bitcoins, Chipmixer got as a best mixer for the Bitcoin transition. Chipmixer is looking to elementary change the way mixers work to give the user a better opportunity to approach privacy. From many mixers Chipmixer become the best mixer for the privacy for Bitcoin users. Chipmixer lets users can divide and attach the chips they have.
Chipmixer is the best private way to withdraw. Now, exchange of coins is made-off and nobody can assume you can now control those addresses. If the user uses Electrum then they can spend their coins immediately after import. They can also import them into different wallets to keep mixed or unmixed coins separately this is the best way that no other mixer can give this opportunity. In this the user can also copy or paste or print private keys to import them later. The user can split private keys into groups and hide them. They will also provide signed receipt that proves you’ve received those addresses from Chipmixer.
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Chipmixer have full control over mixing they will definitely provide you a good service. And they are member of the Bitcointalk community since they started their service. Outputs are fungible means each chip is exactly the same, output can be used for instantly means you can withdraw at once immediately. The users can get more output than input and the outputs are faster than the inputs. They merge small chips into big ones. No fees are required, but you should pay what you want. And no accounts are required and no Bitcodes are needed. It takes 48h for user deposit, you can also extend that time and no java script required for this process.
Tor link: http://chipmixerwzxtzbw.onion/

How to start mixing?

  1. Deposit

    This is the first method for this process. In this process when your click on the start mixing then you will get a token number for your safety purposes. Save the token number for your safety. You need minimum 0.001 BTC in one transaction, wait for the confirmation. Then you will be directly taken to you to next step in this process.
  2. Mix

    After your deposit has been exchanged then you can mix them. You can mix them in 8 ways:
    • Split: You can divide your chip like one chip into two small chip.
    • Merge: They take two chips, give one bigger chip
    • Bet: They take one chip and bet it, you would have a chance to get bigger chip.
    • Donate: They take one chip, gives fuzzy feeling of love.
    • Commonize: Takes on chip, gives more common sized chip that is 1 BTC chip instead of 1.024 BTC. The rest of the chips will be donated. The action is not a reversible process.
    • Withdraw: They take one chip and you will get one private key.
    • Deposit: They take all unused chips, gives you voucher to withdraw them later.
    • Withdraw all: They take all unspent chips and give you private keys.

    This is the most private way to withdraw. You can also import them in different wallets. You can split private keys into groups and hide them in different places. They will also give you a signed that proves you are received those addresses from them. The total process of transaction is notified for every step.

    All your chips will be withdrawn. Remember to write down keys and vouchers from step 3. There will a option down to this process named as destroy this session click on that it is that you are about to finish your process of mixing. But after a session is over then private keys and vouchers cannot to be recovered.
These are the ways for the mixing of the Bitcoin. This is the best mixer for the users of Bitcoin with awesome security features and trusted service they provide all the proofs for your transaction.
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