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How to Create Bitcoin Vanity Address?

Published: April 21, 2017 | Ken
How to Create Bitcoin Vanity Address | https://bl4nkcode.info/bitcoin/how_to_create_bitcoin_vanity_address How to Create BItcoin Vanity Address?

What is Bitcoin Vanity Address?

Vanity address is a normal Bitcoin address that starts with some letters/string of characters that suits to you. In another way, it's a customized bitcoin address that something from your name or screen name, code name, etc.
There are so many ways to create a personalized bitcoin address or Vanitygen from online generator whether free or you have to pay which is not recommendable because of the risk of losing bitcoin, in the fact that they hold the private keys of this vanity address. So you have to stay away with them. Like this report of scam accusation from bitcointalk.org.
The example below illustrates a session of vanitygen. Using my Intel Core(TM) i3-6100U CPU on x64 Windows.
C:\vgen>vanitygen.exe 1test
Difficulty: 264104224
Pattern: 1test
Address: 1testEcvjreUtbWpP9ki4bJqS5STdULgr
Privkey: 5K37PpXzaTdnMZLU61653DTohc42VDCgdA61Kuc3FkcEm2SjawJ
But this time I will show you the other way of making vanitygen from oclvanitygen.exe. And By the way here's the discussion about vanitygen in Bitcointalk.org.
You can get the source from Github . Includes make files for Linux and Mac OS X.
Windows x86+x64 binaries here . PGP signature here.
Before doing things, you must know some rules or some forbidden characters that you should not do, as a common Bitcoin address. Bitcoin addresses consist of random digits and uppercase and lowercase letters, with the exception that the uppercase letter "O," uppercase letter "I," lowercase letter "l," and the number "0" are never used to prevent visual ambiguity. Well, of course, we can see also that uppercase letter "I" (/ai/) is also like a lowercase letter "l" (/el/) and also like number 1 (one) or uppercase "O" (/ow/) is also like zero "0". That's why there are exception of doing this. And you must also know that the longer the prefix of the bitcoin vanity address the more it will be difficult to find.
So here's the commands of oclvanitygen, I'm going to use. oclvanitygen Command | https://bl4nkcode.info/bitcoin/how_to_create_bitcoin_vanity_address
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This tutorial is different because it's using a split key, this can be used without risking your final private key being compromised, so this is much secure compared to making vanity address directly. We are going to make vanity address from two different private key. All we need is this site Bitaddress.org. And here's an example of commands of doing it.
C:\vgen>oclvanitygen.exe -D 0:0 -P 0484A4DCB24ECA9285ECF345B14AE940FD0DF266D790CA691F531668B65E5F91110F91468BC25D3589FC0955BA13BCD27FFF5EB33DB3372884B1E0B0D3430D3F15 1stGF
Difficulty: 264104224
Pattern: 1stGF
Address: 1stGF8GAyKnamsK8A24yEKGKB3MpWvDxK
PrivkeyPart: 5HrGdrc1cYPGtDbxWMUMjZ7J3bcd5GaB7vXueKaFQznQVm1L41E
And here's the step by step video tutorial.
And here's the example output. And you can import it in any bitcoin wallet like Electrum, blockchain.info. etc.
Vanity Bitcoin Address:
The above is your new address that should include your required prefix.

Vanity Public Key (HEX):
The above is the Public Key in hexadecimal format.

Vanity Private Key (WIF):
And we're done!
Hope this will help a lot to you. Thanks for coming here.

Thanks for Reading!