Use of VR and AR Technology in Business

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Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) is not only used in entertainment. Yes, the games give a solid push for development and good financial investments, but this is not enough. Right now many large corporations around the world are experimenting with VR/AR. With the help of these technologies, you can train personnel, develop equipment, trade and much more.

Quick access to the product

More recently Apple has released another update for its mobile devices, which appeared to support AR (Augmented Reality). In ordinary life this does not yet give particular advantages, mainly due to the fact that the technology itself is not very common.

But such a system will allow the seller and his/her products become closer to the buyer. Already now there are sites that actively interact with AR. It is enough to download their application on your smartphone. After that it will be possible to literally transfer various goods (most often - interior items and furniture) in a virtual form to your apartment. The client can first see if the sofa he likes fits into the room's interior. Or maybe it will not fit between the chair and the table in size? Or is it better to take a bed instead of a sofa?

Staff training

It is no secret that information submitted in the form of a video is perceived and remembered better than text or just a voice message. And how far the video has moved away from the text, VR/AR technology is just as far away from simple commercials. This feature of the human brain can be used to train staff that is responsible for, whether the client will be satisfied, or whether he/she will come again.

For example, most recently, KFC has created a virtual game for its cooks, which teaches them to cook their world-famous chicken. This approach is more interesting for the employee, easier to understand and, more importantly, in contrast to the video, there is feedback. That is, a person can not only look, but immediately start doing. And the program, if he/she is mistaken in something, will correct it gently. As a result, we get the finished specialist with minimal effort.

Similarly, you can put training in almost any field of human activity. For example, a furniture assembler first trains in VR mode, where he/she cannot spoil anything, and only then does the real work begin.

This training mode is especially relevant (and it is now being actively used) in professions that are potentially dangerous for a person: doctors, pilots, firefighters, and so on.

The only serious problem at the moment is the lack of accuracy in tracking human actions. But for many professions, an error of even a few millimeters can lead to tragedy. For example, in surgery.

Virtual Reality Park Limited offers its own solution: hybrid tracking with a special Smart Body Control suit and a VR helmet. Thanks to the intelligent positioning of the sensors, advanced software and specialized equipment, the tremendous accuracy of tracking movements is achieved. This is the option that in the future will be the most popular in the vast majority of cases. At the moment, the company is developing its own VR park, which will contain the latest achievements in the field of virtual reality.

Save space and money

To give the client maximum choice, companies are forced to rent huge areas for the presentation of their own goods. This is especially true of large furniture products, building materials and not only. And the larger the area is, the more expensive is the rent or the cost of the purchase. Still, it is often impossible to show the entire range is in this way.

But VR/AR technology can solve this problem. It is enough to rent or buy a small room and put only a few exhibits in it to attract attention. The client is invited to independently explore the entire range in virtual reality. Moreover, you can even send it virtually to some large-scale exhibition and offer to choose any sample. And then everything is simple: the production of the example shown or delivery from the warehouse, depending on the circumstances.

Tourism as a real fount for VR technology

Traveling is an expensive pleasure. Therefore, not every person is ready to go to another country or city if he/she is not sure that he/she will really like it there. Now you can witness the views only from photographs, videos, or, at best, from 3D panoramas. This is certainly not bad, but does not give the full effect of immersion.

But Virtual Reality will. Just offer the doubters an individual free tour in the virtual, and almost guaranteed you will get a loyal customer ready to go anywhere. At the moment such a "wow" effect is given the very novelty of technology. On the one hand, the person received the necessary information, on the other – the pleasure of immersion in the virtual world and, last but not least, he/she sees that the company really values its customers and does everything to make them feel comfortable. Also, few people would call an organization unfair that has access to virtual reality technology.

Information demonstration

This direction is especially important for reporting and attracting investors. The latter are very fond of bright, interesting and comprehensive demonstrations. With the help of VR technology, they can see things that are almost impossible in the real world. For example, the developer offers to see how, if there is an investment, the house will look like in the future. Not on the layout or in 3D graphics, but practically live, in the virtual world.

Wander through the streets of the district, inspect the houses outside and inside. Of course, such a serious approach will appeal to investors. As a result, the developer will receive the money. Everyone is happy! And if you give the dry lines of the report that there will be such a profit, you need so much time… This will not have the desired effect. A similar system can again be used in almost any field.


Gazprom uses VR technology to re-create various equipment in the virtual world. Thus many checks are carried out. In addition, various departments that are engaged in the creation and maintenance, for example, of a future oil installation, will be able to discuss all controversial points right there, in virtual reality.

Suppose the designers have not thought about how the maintenance personnel will get to certain structural elements when they need to be replaced or repaired. And this problem would remain in force if the workers present in the same virtual world, who will serve this installation, simply suggest the designer that he himself get to the desired point. Very simple, clear, fast and, most importantly, productive. With minimal cost.

We can endlessly give such examples and consider each individual industry. Already now VR/AR technology literally works wonders. And if we take into account how fast the technologies are developing now, then in the nearest future a significant part of human activity will somehow be transferred into virtual reality.

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