Professional tips for the rookie cryptocurrency miners

by Admin
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Mining cryptocurrency has become very popular. To create an alternative source of income people are investing money to set up their mining rig. If done correctly, they can easily earn a decent amount of money and start securing their financial freedom. Some of the rookie miners often opt for cloud mining and invest a decent amount of money to make their lives better. It’s true that you can earn money through cryptocurrency mining but there are some issues when you consider it as your business. For instance, you must know how long it will take to get a return over your investment. Most importantly, you need to know how the professionals are dealing with the mining process.

Today, we are going to highlight some of the amazing techniques by which you can start mining cryptocurrency like the professionals. Follow the tips of this article if you are interested in cryptocurrency mining.

Avoid cloud mining

The first thing you need to follow is to avoid cloud mining. Many scam companies are offering cloud mining services to retail investors. Just by paying a small amount of money you can buy computing power from them. They are going to give you a certain percentage of the profit in renting their cloud mining service. Since the payouts are based on twice-yearly or annual contracts, the chances are very high that you will never get paid. You don’t even know whether they exist or not. So, it’s better to setup up your mining rig rather than opt for a cloud mining service.

However, you can use the mining pool to increase the change of getting a reward. In this process, your computing power will be used with the other users in the pool so that the complex mathematical problems get easily solved in less time. By doing so, you increase the chances of earning money.

Return over Investment

Are you looking to set up your mining correctly? If so, you need to calculate the return over investment. For that you should know the current price. Once you make profit, exchange bitcoin with a reputed company like bigX, so that you always get the best deals. But make sure you always keep yourself tuned with the latest exchange rate. Based on the exchange rate, calculate profit in accordance with your hash power. Based on your hardware you need to analyze how much cryptocurrency you can mine per month. Once you have done that, analyze your total cost to run the mining rig. Unless you can make a 10% profit from that mining rig, you are not efficiently doing things. Most of the time electricity consumption becomes a major issue in determining the ROI.

To solve this issue, you can start using solar power but the cost for setting up the mining rig will be higher. Unless you are certain that you will mine like a professional businessman, you should not go for such a big investment.

Selection of the cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin mining is the most popular type of mining in the mining industry. But do you think the smart miners are still focused on Bitcoin mining? You need to analyze the other digital asset like Ethereum, Litecoin, etc in which the mining process is less complicated. By doing so you can easily maximize the profit factors. Those who are completely new to the mining industry should seek help from the professionals. Join the social cryptocurrency mining community and see how the professional miners are dealing with the current market condition. Seek their guidance and you can easily avoid the unnecessary hassle associated with the selection of the cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency mining is a very smart business. To survive in this industry, you must learn to take professional steps. Never invest a huge amount of money without entertaining the worst-case scenario. To secure your financial freedom always analyze the ROI and try to make your mining rig much more efficient by using modern technology.

Date Updated: March 25, 2020 05:00 PM UTC+8 PHT

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