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The cryptosphere is chock full of various hardware cryptowallets, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Currently all of the cryptowallets on the market operate and function in a similar ways. There have not been many advancements for hardware wallets until now. The Keyxentic KX906 Smart Token is the newest cryptowallet to enter the market for hardware crypto storage and transactions. However, the Keyxentic Token is more than just a cryptowallet, it is the first ever biometric authenticated encryption key token in the world. 

The biometric token by Keyxentic Inc. uses newly developed state-of-the-art proprietary technologies to encrypt and secure passwords, emails, files, PDFs, as well as cryptocurrencies with a bio-secure access element chip. With biometric authentication you can secure all of your data, store cryptocurrency, and make anonymous transactions.

The Keyxentic Smart Token promises to be the “new standard” for encryption of all of your data while also offering the most secure method of storing cryptocurrencies. Keyxentic Inc. partnered with TideWallet utilizes a decentralized multi-service electronic wallet to manage crypto assets. The TideWallet App supports ERC20 tokens and uses a third party anonymous login system that when combined with the Keyxentic Token can be bio-authenticated, making the storage and transactions of your cryptocurrency holdings secure and anonymous. The TideWallet insures only you know your private keys and the Keyxentic Token insures that the only way to access your private keys is with your biometric fingerprint, protecting you from the risk of asset theft. Also, with the combined features and functions of the Keyxentic Token and TideWallet you no longer have to fret over losing your recovery phrases like with other hardware wallets.

The Keyxentic Token comes bundled with many other functions like a SD drive to encrypt data, rendering your files unreadable and unusable until your biometric authentication is provided. You can also create hidden encrypted partitions on SD cards so that intruders are unaware that there are encrypted files to be found on the drive. Cloud drives like iCloud, Google Drive, One Dirve and Dropbox can all be encrypted, with the KX906 you have a biometric key to lock all of your data in the cloud. Also packaged with Keyxentic Token is the ability to encrypt your email using your favorite email provider. Using peer-to-peer encryption, the Keyxentic Smart Token can secure all of your emails on any email service. Finally, all of your PDFs can be secured, signed and encrypted using the Keyxentic Token.

With all this encryption power literally at your fingertips, the Keyxentic Token is set to make huge waves in not just the cryptosphere but will also impact cybersecurity with a peerless privacy tool that is both afforadable is easy to operate. With this single product users will be able to save time and money by providing functions that used to need several separate solutions. The Keyxentic Token is not just the best hardware crypto-wallet to hit the market, it is a revolution for cybersecurity!

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Date Updated: April 16, 2019 10:49 PM UTC+8 PHT

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