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How to single name in Facebook using Android

Published: June 6, 2017 | Admin
How to single name in Facebook using Android phones
Okay let's begin here, People now a days start searching this trick in facebook but many failed to do it, now I will show you on how to make your Facebook last name disappear. Note that only Indonesian people can have one name in Facebook and they can hide their facebook's last name. So we will pretend that we are living in Indonesia.
So we have to use a VPN that has a Indonesia server, your facebook account of course. So we are using all apps below.


  • Facebook App link
  • Indonesia VPN link
  • OpenVPN for Android link
  • Internet connection of course
  1. To start with, open your Indonesia VPN, setup your configuration there by naming it. Once done, then tap "Click Profile in "OpenVPN for Android".
  2. It will automatically open the OpenVPN for Android app, and now tap the configuration you named eariler. Wait until it connected to the server, you can see when there's already a key icon in the notification bar.
  3. Now, open your facebook app, since we are pretending that we are from in Indonesia, we will change our facebook language first to "Bahasa Indonesia".
  4. Once done above, now we are changing our names, you must familiarize with the icon in Facebook app since the language was changed. Go to Account Settings Generals.
  5. After you navigate above, it's time to change your Facebook name, after you choose save then input your Facebook account's password. Then you have now single name in your Facebook. After this since we are done, you have to change back your language to English or what language you are using.
  6. Congratulations!

    We are done!

Here's the complete step-by-step video tutorial

We hope this tutorial helps.

Thanks for Reading!